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td-8 still offered?

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  • td-8 still offered?

    this may just be an oversight on roland's part but, looking at their website, the td-8 is no longer listed under electronic percussion sound modules.

    what do you think? is there any chance that it's intentionally omitted and they are discontinuing it? i would imagine it has to be a successful model.

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    Probably just an oversight, since they still list the V-Customs.


    • #3
      Call Roland and ask. It was hopefully a mistake.


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        In Germany the TD-8 with new Vcymbals are listed. Perhaps this is the change.



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          He was referring to the module only. The V Custom kit with the PD 7's is still listed. There is no mention of the new V Custom with the CY 12 cymbals on the US site.


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            I find it hard to believe they would not announce a replacement for the TD-8's class and price range at NAMM and discontinue the TD-8. That makes absolutely no sense for a company who consistantly demonstrates they know how to play the market, give the customer just enough to make them pay through the nose and cover many price points so they can squeeze money from people of all economic walks of life. If they did this 3 months before the show, it would be different.

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              I called RolandUS and asked product support what the story was. The guy I talked to had no idea what I was talking about and thought there was no changes in the TD* being offered her in the US. Wierd huh?