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TDW-1 "Mix In" - distorted?

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  • TDW-1 "Mix In" - distorted?

    I've been noticing that the feed from my CD player (via a preamp buss) is pretty distorted, particularly in the low end and at low to med gain, when listening with phones plugged into the TDW-1 module. The kit portion of the mix sounds fine, and the phones sound great straight from the CD player, so it's not the phones. The preamp is somewhat high-end (Arcam) and otherwise absolutely clean and noiseless.

    Is this a common "mix in" trait or, after only 1 year of use, is it time to get it looked at?


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    Ber= My last TDW1 had the same issue. When I brought in a CD through the module...it had aHelluva buzz. I just got my new one and have not tried it out with a mix in. I will and reportt back....
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      Check to see if you CD player has one of those 'bass boost' type things. If it does, turn it off.

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        Get a y-connector cable and just hook the cd player directly into the TD-10. If the buzzing is gone then it may just be the pre-amp.

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