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Big up to Erik at SEP

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  • Big up to Erik at SEP

    I recently bought a Hart Pro 6.4 with a td8 from SEP Drums at an auction on ebay. Before I called Erik at SEP to give him my credit card info. I actually found the setup for $100 cheaper on another site. I mentioned this to Erik when I called him and he immediately said he would match the price which he didn't have to do since I was bound by the price I bid on ebay. Now that's what I call good business:0 Now I think I'll just hibernate for three weeks dreaming about my set till it arrives. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    I did get a couple of quotes before bidding and the price was comparable so I pulled the trigger. It was after I bid that I was turned on to another dealer that had the lower price. I was like damn, 100 bucks, thats a set of headphones. But thanks to Erik, I have no stress about my purchase
    Back to sleep.


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        Ok....that's it....nobudy calls me a little red people uh person, now I'm on hafta cutcha....BTW, what's that mean?


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          It's all good.

          Thanks for the plug BTW....



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            Originally posted by c. jude:
            Um, actually I think that was a shot at SEP, not you. You see, SEP and szvook were gonna have a d1ck measuring contest at NAMM and didn't work out. Oh never mind. It's a ddrum reference aimed to rib SEP I think.[/B][/QUOTE]

            Thanks for clearing that up c.jude.
            Hey szvook...much respect mon.

            D_ck measuring contest, huh? I believe they would have to attend a NAMBLA convention for that.


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              Ok, so I don't know how to work the quote thing yet. Gimme time, I'm a newbie.