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u guys were right

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  • u guys were right

    i just brouht mine set home and i am freakin ecstatic!! these are great. i have an accustic kit that i play at church and was going to trade it in for a better accustic, now i will keep it and bring up the v's instead. these are great "right out of the box".

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    Congratulations and welcome, furrtig. What set did you buy?


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      i bought the v club. couldnt swing the others yet. i was really happy with it. it is an incrediable piece of machinery! it will go great with our praise band. btw, what is the next kit step up, the roland v pro? and what does it run? thanks for the welcome.


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        The next kit up would be the V-Custom, which I have. It includes the TD-8, which essentially has the same sounds as the TD-6, but with more features and editing parameters. The Custom set also has 8-inch mesh heads for snare, toms, and kick drum. V-Customs can be found for about $2100-$2500 new.

        Next up would be the V-Concert (TD-10, and bigger pads), and finally, the V-Session (V-Cymbals and mesh-head kick trigger).

        I wanted mesh heads, so I went with the Customs, but people are nuts about the V-Club, so apparently the rubber pads play well. Have fun!