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sound board to pm3..

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  • sound board to pm3..

    i just bought a pm3 and will bring it and my v custom to the church this weekend. a fellow at the music store said to run my module to the pm3 and then from there to the sound board. since we snake from the board to the stage mixer, then to the monitors, he said DONT do that, but run the line directly from the snake to the pm3. being the acoustic chap i am, im clueless. any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    So you're using a monitor mixer? What you could do is run from the td-8 (or whatever your module is) into a direct box(s). Your direct box should have 2 1/4 in. plugs and 1 XLR plug on it. One 1/4" is for input, and the other 1/4" is for "amp" output. Plug the output from your module into one of the 1/4" plugs on the "DI" then run another cable from the other 1/4" plug on the DI into your pm3. (on most direct boxes the plugs can be used for either purpose. There are some, like the Countryman DI, that have one plug for 1/4" input, one for 1/4" output, and one for XLR output.)

    I hope this makes sense!
    God Bless,

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      so i surmise that i would then run the plug from the d.i to the "in" on my pm3 and run another cord from the 'out' directly to the sound board?


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