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    hello all. as i said recently, im the new guy on the e block. i bought a set of v clubs for the house and liked them so much i called my local store to buy another set for my church. after ****ering around with him, and trading in my old acoustic gear, im getting a v club, with the td8 for the church. finally my question...on the td6, if im not ignorantly mistaken, it has a mono/stereo output on it, so im guessing this means 1/2 cords out to the sound board...? on the td8 is there a difference? and i will be running it through the pm3 also. thanks for putting up with a dumb ol newbie. :}

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    Hey man,
    welcome aboard.

    Will the PM-3 be the only amplification for playing drums in church? If so it might not be powerful enough. Use the search engine to search for lots of comments about the PM-3.


    Music was my first love...