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TD-8 & Yamaha DTX2 Problems w/merging together

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  • TD-8 & Yamaha DTX2 Problems w/merging together

    I have more pads then outputs on my TD-8 so I bought a DTX2 to give me additional outputs. Now I cant get much sound out of the pads connected to the DTX2. WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY TO HOOK UP SO THEY BOTH WILL BE LOUD ENOUGH. (I plugged my cd player into the aux in of the DTX then I have L&R Output from DTX going into Y-cable directly into Stereo Mix-in on the TD 8) I get good sound of TD8 and CD Player but I can barely hear pads on DTX.

    Thanks in advance

    Big Daddy

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    Here's a good place to start http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yamaha...yguid=44105757
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