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So what are you going to be working on this year?

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  • So what are you going to be working on this year?

    Happy New Year!

    Any drumming/music resolutions?

    I want to be at least a passable drummer by the end of the year , get better at rhythm guitar, continue to improve on bass, and record at least four new songs.

    Post 'em here!

    -Dan Simes

    Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)
    Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)

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    I want to work less.


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      ... and get paid more

      'I only ever quote myself - except when I quote someone else' - me

      , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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        My brother and I will be working harder this year then before, better contacts have come our way so we need to get the lead out plus this is my year (the year of the horse, based on what the Chinese horoscope stipulates) so I intend to get the most out of this year - (I am so tired of working for someone else).

        We are/were working on new material with emphasis on more and more vocals (we are working with singer with a GREAT voice). The new tracks will still have the electronica undertones but will have better arrangement (new plug-ins from Logic) and will be more open. I will put the tracks up as soon as we are done.

        Outboard gear: Focusrite Compounder, Drawmer DL-241, BBE-482, Aphex C-104, Behringer T1951 4-Band Parametric Tube EQ, Lexicon MPX1, Mackie 1402-VLZ, (Crown K2 amp & Cerwin Vega V-253 speakers = 1600 watts @ 4 ohms continues power, peak at 3000 watts) and Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones.


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          I wanna be in a band again... I quitted my band two weeks ago....

          I'm gonna save for a pc so I can compose music again. I sold my Akai MPC-2000 sampler/sequencer half a year ago, because I wasn't composing any music at all at that time and I knew that I would want to use a computer and a different and advanced sampler. Right now I doubt wether I'll buy another sampler, since there's programs like Emagic EXS-24.
          Most of my sounds will come out of the EMU Proteus 2000 with a Rob Papen Techno board installed. I might add the Planet Earth/World Expedition board as well.
          I think I'm gonna go for a PC with 512mb ram, 2 x 17" monitor, M-Audio/MidiMan Delta 1010 soundcard, Logic Platinum, EXS-24 and Sounddiver.

          Don't know what music I will compose, could be from Hardcore Techno to Drum 'n Bass/Metal crossovers or whatever... or just cheap Trance to make some money

          O and I want to build some e-drum pads myself!

          Music was my first love...


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            The Zendrum I got in November.
            Tried it in a store last week with a TD-6 module and it works really well. Have to get KC-500 keyboard amp first though.
            A really cool compact setup for me.

            www.royfulton.co.uk, www.zendrum.com ,Tempus Drums, Istanbul Agop, Regal Tip, Alesis DMPro, D4,Garageband, HK Powerworks PA


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              Originally posted by szvook:
              ...plus this is my year (the year of the horse, based on what the Chinese horoscope stipulates) ...
              Yup, someone said that today and I think it makes perfect sense. A lot of stuff is supposed to happen.
              Personally,I'm gonna turn my new Sony Vaio into a Giga studio,and probably work with a new band I recently met.I'm tired of being alone.Gotta master all the sampling techniques too.



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                We want to put out our CD with Burton Green (the biggest name ive worked with). I will then start working on a ballet and 2 opras,as part of a cycle of 5 large works.We also will start working on a new set of free improv w/ my A kit and a dbl pedal,that is more hard core. We also want to start working on our album of remixes. I am looking to start studying sngl/reeds and advanced theroy. (and i cannot spell)


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                  Over the last few years I have not been able to practice much. Until recently I only owned acoustic drums and live with a wife, a 3 year old and a mother in law. (!) The volume of the acoustics prevented me from practicing as much as I would like.

                  I recently purchased e-drums and am really stoked about the opportunity to practice once again. A few of the things that I intend to work on are:

                  1) Playing with a click/sequence. It is so much easier to practice e-drums with a click. With my acoustics, the best method was to run a drum machine through an amp and play along--volume, volume, volume!

                  2) Rhythmic Illusions. I bought this book a while ago and have played through some of it but it will be MUCH easier to work on this stuff while playing along with a sequence on the e-drums.

                  3) Play-along CD's. Here again, e-drums are much better suited to practicing with play along CD's. I own play-along CD's by Dennis Chambers, Omar Hakim, David Garibaldi, John Riley and others. I'm already really having fun with these.

                  4) Exploring e-drums. I'm still in the gee whiz phase of learning e-drums. I am really excited about learning how to get the most out of this instrument. I would love to be able to play melodic music on this instrument. I think it would be cool to take a piece like the fitst exercise in "The Well Tempered Klavier" and transcribe it to e-drums.

                  5) A book. I started writing a drum book a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can find the time to get it finished in the next few months.

                  6) Playing for fun. I gig somewhat regularly. I'd like to spend more time playing for fun--playing more adventurous music, playing new styles etc.

                  7) Double bass. I purchased a double pedal recently but haven't been able to use it much with the acoustics--again a volume issue. I'm hoping to spend some time whipping my left foot into shape.

                  If you want to hear my initial "wanking session" with the e-drums visit: http://navinthejerk0.tripod.com/navinshideaway/
                  Check out my music: http://www.myspace.com/kellypaletta


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                    Musical goals for 2002:

                    - finish my band's album, damnit!

                    - finish the other record I'm working on.

                    - finish building my new acoustic kit.

                    - FINALLY sit down & practice the damned Texas shuffle so I can lay down the (authentic, not regular shuffle) cool Stevie Ray grooves like Chris Layton.

                    - Take a drumset lesson or two. Never have in over 20 years. God knows I have enough bad habits to break & improve on.

                    - To achieve the realization that I know absolutely nothing, thereby freeing my mind to learn from every experience without preconceptions. This includes music.


                    Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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                      I listened to your stuff. I really love that 17 stroke roll wanking.

                      It sounds great!

                      (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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                        Originally posted by matts64:

                        I listened to your stuff. I really love that 17 stroke roll wanking.

                        It sounds great!


                        Check out my music: http://www.myspace.com/kellypaletta


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                          I'll be working on getting my electronic kit sounds customized and getting my new acoustic kit. Then I'll be trying to get a band together.
                          "I'm not a guitarist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!"


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                            tracks, tracks, and more tracks.

                            I want to work more in the studio meaning, maybe not less but not so exclusively jamming with band members only. More work with software programs, tweaking samples and other kinds of studio gadgetry.


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                              I for one will solve the World Hunger Problem, catch bin Laden red handed, and will get the 1700+ VDrum members to RTFM before posting a 'How do I do this...?' question!! Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad - pass the mayo Osama!
                              Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!