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Hello To All

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  • Hello To All

    Just a quick hello from a new guy.
    I've been a pro player for the past 30+ years.
    I'm thinking about getting a new VDrum sound module. Right now I'm leaning towards the TD8.
    I don't play the Roland VDrum pads. I play the Professional Series Drums from Hart Dynamics.
    This looks like a great forum. I'm sure glad I found it.

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    Welcome. There is plenty of good info here (in the archives as well as for the asking), some spirited debate, and a touch of wise arse humor thrown in. Enjoy.


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      Welcome Billy G. The good Doctor has served up the remedy once again.

      I see you got the Pro line from Hart, I guess being a pro has itís advantages Ė unless the Pro line is available already and we donít know it, Hart did mention that the new line will be out later on. If you decide to go with the TD-8 you will not regret it, my Harts work perfectly with the Td-8 and I could not have agreed with you more on how well the Hart products perform and having another Pro drummer giving them two thumbs up only helps other drummers to consider the Hart products.

      Come on in and enjoy.

      Outboard gear: Focusrite Compounder, Drawmer DL-241, BBE-482, Aphex C-104, Behringer T1951 4-Band Parametric Tube EQ, Lexicon MPX1, Mackie 1402-VLZ, (Crown K2 amp & Cerwin Vega V-253 speakers = 1600 watts @ 4 ohms continues power, peak at 3000 watts) and Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones.


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        Originally posted by Billy G:
        Just a quick hello from a new guy.
        I've been a pro player for the past 30+ years.
        Hello Billy,

        Welcome to this forum. It's always nice to have someone on this board with a lot of experience!



        Meneer Van Zanten (sorry, in Dutch)
        My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures, videoclips and listen to our songs)


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          Welcome, Billy! It's great to have you aboard, and have another experienced drummer I can glean knowledge from

          Dan's Music Site, plz have a listen :^)
          Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)


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            Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

            szvook -
            Just to clarify - being a pro may indeed have it's advantages, however getting my new Pro Kit before anyyone else is not one of them. I believe that the real advantage for Hart players is Peter Hart himself. This guy is a walking encyclopedia on electronic drumming. I (like you) am still waiting for my new Hart Professional drums to arrive and expect them shortly after the 1st of the year.
            Thanks for your insight on the TD8.


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              Billy...come on in; the water's fine!


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                Welcome Billy G.


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                  ah! Billy G. Wasn't that a Michael Jackson song?

                  Wait a minute... that was Billy Jean. Sorry, case of mistaken identity.

                  You reminded me of the legendary Jeff Pocaro there for a minute!

                  Welcome aboard!

                  'I only ever quote myself - except when I quote someone else' - me

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