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NYC / Dave Weckl

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  • NYC / Dave Weckl

    Hi dudes,

    I just got back from a short trip up to New York City. I decided to go because I wanted to see DAVE WECKL play at the Blue Note jazz club in downtown. He was playing as part of Chick Coreas 60th birthday party bash that is planned for the next week or so. Tons of killer drummers from all of Chick's past and present bands throught the years....

    Sooo, the shows were awesome !!! They played as a trio for two nights. We saw the first and last shows and both were packed to the gills. This guy is freaking insane ! He was playing on his small Be-bop jazz kit, and as usual...kicked major arse.

    This is the 10th or so time that I have seen Mr. Weckl live and it keeps getting better and better with each show.

    Another reason for the trip was to see firsthand exactly what those terrorist
    a-holes did to my favorite city. Dudes, you can have no idea how bad the shiit is until you see ground zero with your own two eyes. It is simply unbelieavable. I have never seen anything so [email protected] up in my life. .................................................. ..................................

    It was nice to see soo many American flags throught the town. You really get the feeling that there is nothing that can destroy New York. I did everything that I could to try to spend a little $$$$. Hopefully it helped out, there are so many that have been ****@d by these wackos.

    I have no time for anyone who is still in the "give peace a chance" camp.

    If anybody wants to seee some of my modest digital photos...I would be happy to e-mail some to you. Like I said, you have to see it with your own two eyes.

    ..... I almost forgot to mention that I just set up my old high-school acustic kit down in the basement of Mom's new pad. Man, I miss those things, my ears are still ringing !! I definetly need a new snare and some major head tuning time. I'm gonna rock all day tommorrow. I can just see the look on her new neighbors faces. :-O


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    email them to me, I'll post them for you...

    That is soooo cool! Weckl is the man! I would have loved to see that.


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      What a great gig to go see. Thanks for sharing.


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        here are the pictures...


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          1.zzzzzzzzz(sound of me sleeping)2.would someone tell me about some of his stuff that would Not put me to sleep? QUA?


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            Originally posted by cpgrossman:
            1.zzzzzzzzz(sound of me sleeping)2.would someone tell me about some of his stuff that would Not put me to sleep? QUA?
            If you don't like new jazz fusion type stuff,
            I don't think you would like any of it...
            try Britney Spears or maby N'Synch.

            Thanks for posting the pics Animal !!

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