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$$$$$ How much ya got in it so far? $$$$$$

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  • $$$$$ How much ya got in it so far? $$$$$$

    Every time somebody new walks in my humble little junk room,the first thing they say is,
    "How much was that!?!" while pointing at my Vs.

    To which I respond with a few facial ticks prior to answering..."Uh''uh'''
    wasn't so bad...really" ( nervous laugh)

    Anyone else have a hard time spitting out the figures?
    Roland has me for a V-concert set...a PM-3...V-cymbals all around (I should've just got the session )
    Assorted hardware,cans,pedals...you know the deal.
    Any time you get near 5 large worth of gear you gotta wonder if you're making the right choices.
    I do love them and I'm glad I paid cash cause that credit card bill would be a nasty little reminder every month..ugh.
    I remember keeping a picture of the old
    ( Forgot the model #)Roland TDE-7k??Dunno...
    over my desk for like three years trying to get the cash together.This was 6 or 7 years ago so I do have a good sense of pride with these.
    just a random thought.
    Felt like sharing...

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    I do not have a problem spitting out the figures per sayI just tell the people in my studio Do not mess with my system, it costs more then I care to discuss at this point and time .

    If I had to include the all of the hardware, sound system and outboard gear I would say I am close to 10K (at least that is what my insurance coverage on the gear states) I did not pay much for the TD-8 and the Hart equipment, its mostly the other stuff and its worth every penny so far.

    I wonder what kind of acoustic system I could get for 10K (including the hardware, microphones, etc), but I would not trade my e-system for anything.



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      Yup....I know what you're talking about Rylo(same people,same question,same nervous laugh...)But my main problem is I bought a V-pro kit the first year it came to my country(where everything is expensive by the way)
      so I paid around 4500 $ and it wasn't even the full set !!!!then I had to order the rest of the pads for an additional 1500. I feel stupid and guilty about it...and I have a Yamaha synth...so I guess we should do like szvook says....NONE OF YOUR F****N BUSINESS


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        Originally posted by RYLO:
        Every time somebody new walks in my humble little junk room,the first thing they say is,
        "How much was that!?!" while pointing at my Vs.
        My top ten answers to date:

        More than my car.
        A degree in botany.
        A kidney transplant (you only NEED one).
        Since its Canadian money its always difficult to calculate.
        Oh those, I think they are off white.
        How much was your drug and alcohol habit?
        They're on loan.
        Is it hot in here?
        I'll tell you in a few years when they are paid off.

        And the number one answer:

        Just tell them a couple months salary and then NEVER tell them how much you make a year. It usually works for me.

        I am still pleased with my purchase. I am not with a band making money so the purchase is indeed a luxury. I drink very litte, do not do drugs and don't smoke so my purchase is creatively justified. Just think of the money you saved in sound proofing and hearing aids!

        Everyone that trys them out is awe struck.

        NOYFB is probably the best answer but I like to be creative sometimes.

        Ramble off...

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        Kelly Mercer
        Halifax, Nova Scotia

        My Youtube Channel!

        My "home studio" webcam!


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          My latest response is "They are a whole lot cheaper than a divorce if I hadn't gotten them!"

          Anyhow, following is what I posted earlier in the year (search on 'investment'):

          If you think it's expensive, then it will be. If you think of it as an investment, then it really becomes a bargain. Example:
          I have about $6,000 tied up in my VDrums, including speakers, cases, extras and outgear.

          I have about $4,500 tied up with my acoustic 'dream' set and very $$$ cymbals.

          I have one sound with my acoustics - cost $4,500 per kit or $450 per sound, with a resale value of only about $1,500, if I'm lucky.

          I have over 1000 sounds and 100 drum kits with my VDrums - cost about $60 per drum kit or less than $6 per sound, with a resale value of about $4000.

          Figure in the convienance of getting to play more with the VDrums at home any time I want(priceless), can jam right with a CD mix-in, ability to create new kits any time I want, can adjust my volume to suit the gig, have 1000+ sounds available at my finger tips, save over $250 in studio set-up each time we record, don't have to buy $500 - $1500 in drum mics for larger venues - well you add it up - it's a bargain at twice the price.

          Now I'm still a penny pincher, so a lot of my outgear and extras have been bought used on EBay, but heck - everythings used after day one.

          Set for life - heck no.... Retailing is too smart to ever allow the consumer the luxuray of thinking he is set and doesn't need the next greatest variation on the market.

          Enjoy the ride and be thankful we have our V's!!
          Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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            Is it just me or do drummers seem to get nailed with purchasing most of the band gear?? I bought every last piece of PA equipment, lighting gear, and even the band trailer which I pull with my truck... Well over $15K invested in PA gear....but I am a gear whore, so no whining from me...

            The drums....being the owner of an edrum shop, inventory sometimes finds its way into my grubby hands...so with the ddrum 3 full kit, my digiskinz kit with a ddrum4 module and full acoustic cymbal pack, a complete ddrum4 system 1 kit, another spare ddrum4 module (thanks STRUTT), a complete mixture kit of ddrum, hart, and pintech with a td6 module (for demos), and a few odd/ends laying around....it scares me to add it up....



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              Originally posted by sepdrums:
              Is it just me or do drummers seem to get nailed with purchasing most of the band gear
              No, it's just you and szvook.
              Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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                Originally posted by Boingo:
                No, it's just you and szvook.

                And perhaps Marc...
                Kelly Mercer
                Halifax, Nova Scotia

                My Youtube Channel!

                My "home studio" webcam!


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                  I was just thinking about this the other day. Actually my wife was complaining about it just the other day. With the new PA gear, I'm hitting the 10K mark. I really should but a rider on my insurance policy.



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                    How much did THEY cost??? Well...my standard reponse is: As much as you'd spend on a professional acoustic kit, high-end cymbals, and the rest of the 'toyz' (vague, I know). I usually don't provide an answer directly or honestly (it may get back to my wife...).

                    Anyway, as Tom Landin clearly stated, you get alot of versatility, portability, convenience, not to mention the KILLER sounds...some of these things you just can't put a price to.

                    I, like others, am also a penny pincher...so I've taken advantage of eBay and other options to keep my electronic equipment purchases low. With some research and alot of patience, most anyone can buy a nice used kit at a decent price. Even if you have to "piece" it together one purchase at a time...it can be done at a reasonable cost.

                    I find that most of my fellow, local drummers understand the costs involved considering their comments about the sound quality and number of instruments available (not to mention mics, effects, etc). The ones who don't understand...are usually the one's playing the low-end kits or not gigging out regularly.

                    Bottom Line: I gig with my kit (and make a few bucks), so any musical investment can be easily "justified"...except with the wife!!!


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                      My gear is worth much less than what the government taxed me for last year -- yet infinitely more useful, valuable, and rewarding than what I received from them.

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                      Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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                        ....Guess,I'm sticking with the NOYFB reply from here on out.

                        My new favorite two questions:
                        1)What color purple is that?!?!

                        2)Can I playem'?
                        ( This is always said as they thump and/or rake a few oily fingers over the heads.)

                        too which I reply...
                        DUDE...Please don't rub your dirty little meat beaters all over my heads!

                        Vs have made me a Di*k!
                        "That should be on a shirt!"
                        kidding of course...sort of;-)

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                          Well only one person has asked me that question so far. My best friend and guitar player(i moved far away so he isn't "my" guitar player now. He's someone elses). I didn't have a problem telling him. He has the same if not more invested in his gear. So he understands. I just happen to have all the money tied up in one instrument, he has several instruments, and some other gear. Although, you can hardly call drums one instrument, especially "Vs". My wife already knows. My parents and brothers know, as well. So, anyone else who asks really doesn't have any "need to know". I don't know if I would have a problem telling most people, depending on who they are.

                          Because I am new to the E-Drum scene, I haven't had time and money to build up my "E Stuff". Not to mention, the main problem with how much $$$ is tied up in my kit, is that I already have a plan to spend at least twice as much as I have already. That doesn't even include outboard gear.

                          I'm just getting started!!!!!!!


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                            It does amaze me that everyone has to ask how much they cost. I don't see anybody going up to our guitar players and asking how much they paid for their guitars. Maybe its because v's are still somewhat unusual, but it is starting to bug me a little. I had been vague previously (just smile and shrug), especially with the guys in the band, because they can go to Samash or Guitar Center and see how much they cost if they really want to know. I did tell a fan at a gig this weekend how much they cost, but he runs drag racing cars for a hobby, so he actually thought they were not that expensive. I guess its all a matter of perspective. From now on, though, I'm going to use more sarcasm (not much, you should get yourself a set!) because it really isn't cool to be asking people how much they spent for stuff unless you are seriously planning on buying one too. "Hey, nice car! What did you pay for it?"

                            It also really bothers me when people come up and play on them with their hands (guitar player's girlfriend after eating a bunch of potato chips). My bug eyed stare usually gives away how I feel about that. I also never offer to let anyone play them, and when somebody asks if they can sit in with the band on my kit, I just smile and say maybe later. I did let the drummer from a warm up band use them once. That's because I know him and like him and he let me use his drums once when we were just starting out, but now we're even as far as I'm concerned, so I'm not doing that any more. I really take care of my v's, pack them safely, tuck them in at night, think about them all the time. They're mine, mine, mine and nobody else can use them hah, hah, hah, hah!

                            These things really can get to you (try them with a set of SONY 7506 headphones and you'll never go back).

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                              If I got it all together in one place, I would be afraid to estimate the cost. I actually have two separate drum sets. Mine has been assembled from scratch mostly from Ebay purchases; TD-8 module, TD-7 rack without pads, 3 PD-9's, 2 Yamaha single zone pads I use like rototoms aux 11/12, an FD-7 and 2 KD-7's. I bought a pintech AX14 snare, a VertiKik and 3 Pintech TC cymbals new.

                              I have another set consisting of a TD-7, 7 PD-5 pads, an FD-7 and a TD-7 that I have at the music store where I teach.

                              I play on stage with a Fender Bassman 60 amp that is like a keyboard amp because it has the horn tweeter.

                              In my "junk room/music room" I also have a Strat, a precision bass and a Fender 12 string. That room is off limits to the "misses".
                              I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!