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Freebie ride from Roland promo/ V-cymbal

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  • Freebie ride from Roland promo/ V-cymbal

    So, I get my freebie V-Cymbal,card,etc in from the Roland promo and I love the V- cyms so don't get me wrong,I just think I've got something set wrong...

    My trigger bank is on 2 and everything works fine but I really gotta beat the sh*t outta the bell area to get anything out of it.

    What do you keep your settings on here?

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    Try a heavier stick like a 5B.It will make a difference.


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      The reason is:

      The Roland bell doesn't work well because of the switch factor in the ride/bell. Hitting the rubber bell closes a switch, which routes the piezo signal to the bell sound. The piezo is not near the bell so the output is low. This renders minimum dynamics and you must hit the bell hard to close the switch.

      Oh wait, I think I am basing the Roland gear again - oh well.

      If you prefer to use lighter sticks, try to change the velocity curve to LOG 1 or 2 and/or raise the sensitivity on the bell. Changing the velocity curve will help you to trigger the bell without going to a heavier stick, and that is a good idea as well. It depends what you are more comfortable with.



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        I pulled my V-ride apart once and noticed that the gap was too great between the Bell's "plastic Rim" and it's FSR, which explains why some of complain more than others. I'll eventually try to install some sort of shim or something.

        It's definately annoying and unrealistic when trying to do any dynamics on the Bell. If I ever getting around to shimming the Bell, I'll post some pics.


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          Hmmm, no dynamic range on the bell. Not very encouraging. I think I'll just keep using my PD9 as my ride & forget about buying a CY-12R/C once available.
          Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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            The reason I suggested larger sticks is I got another Session in to put in a friends studio. I had a pair of light sticks(jazz w/nylon tips) and thought the V Ride was defective. I then grabbed my 5B's and it worked great. I was able to get approximately the same performance and dynamic range as an acoustic ride playing with the tip of the stick. I could not beleive the difference! Changing the velocity curve sounds like a great idea also. By the way, if you watch the demo video's and read the manual, Roland reccomends you play the bell with the side of the stick. Good luck.


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              I'd suggest getting some 2B's and just beat the crap out of that stupid bell. It won't make it work any better, but you might feel better. Don't get me wrong, I love my v-ride (hug, hug, kiss, kiss, there there baby you'll be alright) but that bell is the most disfunctional component of the set, except for he snare rim. Bring it on you Roland defenders, I'm ready for a fight!


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                Originally posted by Bagman:
                ...that bell is the most disfunctional component of the set, except for he snare rim...
                I see the bell thing. It's fine for straight eights, etc., but not really sensitive enough for my tastes for double and triple stroke quick work or light playing. But what is the problem with your snare rim? Mine functions very well. I had rim/crosstick triggering issues at first till I adjusted it to happen at the right playing velocity. Since then, I haven't thought about it. What is wrong with yours?


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                  Doc K:

                  The snare rim is basically unreliable as far as I'm concerned. It seems like I have to hit it with just the right amount of force in a fairly narrow zone on the rim or it doesn't trigger all of the time. This applies to both straight hits and cross sticking. I try not to whine about this kind of stuff and just work with the settings to figure it out, but after a while I just gave up and basically don't use the rim any more unless I absolutley have to (ex. I Alone by Live). I'm playing Rock covers while singing, and I really can't be watching the pads and concentrating on hitting in exactly the right spot within centimeters with exactly the right force. I tried raising the sensitivity and lowering the threshhold on the rim trigger, but that tended to cause too many unintended rim sounds when either hitting the snare pad or hitting the rim accidentally occassionally.

                  I think the other pads are fine and trully do love the v-cymbals, but I need something that's "robust" or its just not worth fooling with. I undestand that Roland couldn't get everything perfect (I'm just kidding about spoiling for a fight), so overall Im happy with the set, but next round I think they should work on the snare rim and cymbal bell triggering mechanisms.

                  You are one of the best tech advisors on this site though, so if you have any trigger setting recommendations, I'd be happy to try them. I'm mostly using the "Realdeal" kit in the TD-10x with the cymbals and kick heavily tweeked, because I love the "wack" of the snare in that kit. It rules!