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Search Engine Question

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  • Search Engine Question

    One of the more popular responses on this forum is "try using the search engine". I wanted to find an old post that discussed nearfield monitors. I entered the word "nearfield", told it to search all forums including the text of the message, any date and it came back with no matches. I tried "near field" with the same result. I tried "nearfield monitors" - no match. I finally remembered that the discussion was about somebody looking for speakers to use while practicing in a closet so I tried the word "closet". 31 matches cames back and I found the message I was looking for which included the words "nearfield monitor" in one of the responses posted by Dr. Kildrum. Is there a trick to doing a search or is this engine not quite as excellent as promised?

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    Originally posted by MacDrumster:
    Is there a trick to doing a search
    Yes and you've already found it out

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      Hmmm, ...I used most xlnt search on 'nearfield' and found this ...

      Nearfield Monitors


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        Why didn't it find this one?

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