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    Hi everyone! I am excited as hell that my mp3.com site is now up and running, and I'd like to get some feedback on my music. The drum sounds are from my TD-6. Please let me know what you think!!!

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    Hi, Jimmy,

    Sounds great to me! I listened to all three of your tracks, and I really like your music....you have a keen grasp of texture and atmosphere, which is hard to find these days!

    I was particularly impressed with the depth of your productions. They are so well integrated and multi-layered. Each song is quite a work within itself. Nice going!

    The TD6 sounds great, of course I use a V Club kit myself, and am delighted with the results.

    You can hear mine at the link below..."Disconnected Strings" features my Clubs. You might also like some of my more ethereal stuff, like "Ethereal Funk", "Traveler" or "Walking With The Angels," too.

    Keep up the good work...go ahead and flesh out your Artist Info section on your site, as well. People who visit and listen will want to know more about you in most cases. Fill your site with good music and interesting info for your fans; you've got the good music thing happening already

    My MP3 site is at www.mp3.com/entrylevel

    Dan's Music Site, plz have a listen :^)

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    Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)


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      I am not one for synth/techo stuff, but yours has something different to it. Very dreamy... brings back good memories of my teens growing up in the 80's. Some great music came from those times.

      Keep recording, you are talented.

      My Hart Dynamics GigaPro (vintage 1999)


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          Hi Jimmy - I like what I hear. The only thing that stood out for me was that the drums were not 'stereo-ized'. With everything else so wonderfully spread out, I'm puzzeled. Still, you've done a fine production and all the levels seem fairly well balanced, but I gotta side with the szvookster on the 'heat'.



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            Mmmmm... lot of electronic sounds. I won't say It's bad (perhaps it's even good) but I don't like it. Sorry. Prefer to hear real sounding drums along with some loops.


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              Originally posted by puttenvr:
              Mmmmm... lot of electronic sounds. I won't say It's bad (perhaps it's even good)...
              If only one person likes it, it's good, period! No "perhaps" about it Harold, get a clue.


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                That's twice in one day that I agree with Marc for those of you keeping score at home. The guy did say to tell him what you think, but the 2nd of the three sentences probably was not necessary because it didn't add anything very useful.