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Pedal Question

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  • Pedal Question

    I'm about to purchase a new bass drum pedal. I was looking into the DW Delta II 5000 series. They carry two different models however, the 5000AD (Accelerator) or 5000TD (Turbo). Does anyone have any experience with these pedals concerning use with V-Drums, and if so, which of these might be the best option for me? All suggestions are welcome.

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    it might help if you mention what trigger you will be attaching to.


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      I played a ca.1967 Speed King until my heavy-footed son broke it a little over 2 years ago. I went with the DW5000AD (the one with the weights) and used with my acoustics. I like it very much and now use it with my V-Customs. The only problem I've read posted here is some real heavy hitters breaking the beater shaft where its slotted for the set screw. I use the beater that came with the KD80. With all the old posts about not hitting the "blue dot", I figured I'd get used to using the Roland beater in case the trigger might be damaged by a heavier one. I have not read anything about this issue, though.