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V-drummers - gimme a hand.... Making cusom cases for edrums....

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  • V-drummers - gimme a hand.... Making cusom cases for edrums....

    Folks with V-drums.... I am working with a company close by to build custom cases...

    I am needing dimensions for V-drum kits - Sessions, customs, standards, etc...
    Rack dimensions, pad dimensions, etc...

    What do you want to see in a good case - it will be foam lined obviously, but what else??

    Definitely will have recessed casters, most likely carpeted outside with recessed hardware as well...

    So, any help would be great...

    SEPdrums is now going to operate as Gear Head Music. I am expanding into a full store and want to have an extensive line of cases for edrums from ddrum to Roland...



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    Erik you rule

    Music was my first love...


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      Originally posted by sepdrums:
      I am expanding into a full store ...
      With guitars as well? No, don't let this be true


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        Best of luck with your expansion!

        ( Folks, SEPdrums sold me my Pintech mesh kick pad - price and service were just great - Erik won't blow his own horn here, so I will)

        Cases for Vdrums is a cool idea. Here are some issues for me:

        * I don't think it is possible to make one case that is big enough to hold everything including hardware. If you did, it would wind up so big and heavy it would require two really strong people to maneuver it into a car.

        * So, you really need two cases - one for everything delicate, and one for hardware which is tough.

        For the nonhardware case:

        * Therefore, it would be great if the delicate case had a covered compartment for the brain, which could hold the module snugly and be spaced to accomodate the mounting bracket still attached.

        * I'd love to have a special slot bin to hold all my manuals, band notes, practice books, etc.

        * A junk drawer or bin would be nice - a place to keep all the flotsam and jetsam contained

        * I'd also love a space dedicated to headphones, and one for power cords, instrument cables, and one for my CD player!

        The hardware case, I think, justs needs to be big and strong, perhaps with a simple adjustable compartment feature.

        Oh, one last thing, brought up because I made the mistake of NOT doing this right:

        Make sure the casters are at the absolute ouside corners of the cases. These cases can get top-heavy = tippy. My homemade monstrosity corners like Curly of the Three Stooges!
        Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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          Rob - I am going to slowly get into guitars... however I am not going to go in over my head.. My objective is to have technical knowledge about the products....so little bits at a time...

          Here is a preview of the site in progress on my temporary server... (will be a dot com when finished)

          Things are still VERY early in development....this asp crap is hard to hadle...but I am getting the hang of it..

          gingerbaker - thanks for the plug... And excellent suggestion on the case.
          I am designing the layout in a 3D solid modeling package. I will post .jpg pics of some of the configurations when finished....



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            what the hell man???????!!!!

            thats some awsome stuff!!!i couldnt see a bigger pic anyways......


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              I just had the issue with cases. The idea of being one case is absurd, like Gingerbaker said. The problem I found is that you can't expand them once you buy them. Right now, I'm using dual pedals, kd-7's and extra pads. If I got a case that fit them all and then got dual upright kicks, it wouldn't fit in the case. Or if I only had one pedal and then added a second down the road, or an additonal pad. How do you get them in the case. Secondly, how about the rack. I know Roland has a rack bag but you have to take off the hardware to use it. I don't want to remove my booms, etc. Could you design a rack case that could be expanded or already big enough to handle the booms as well? Maybe a hard case on rollers. The biggest problem I have right now is that damm rack. To big and bulky to handle on your own.