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An announcement and special thanks!

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  • An announcement and special thanks!

    First of all, thanks for reading!

    Second, my new, remixed versions of "Disconnected Strings" and "Walking With The Angels" are both up at my AMPCAST site (link to it at the bottom of my post "Dan's Music Site")!

    What's new? The vocals! My singer friend Scottie came over and did a great job!

    And now for the special thanks! To Dr. Kildrum, K-Chuck, and Sgt. Remo for their honest, but kind assessment of my singing in my prior thread: http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/001164.html

    This is of great importance to me, because your comments on my voice, coming from peers whose opinions I respect, really started to make me think about the vocal tracks. Then, my friend and fellow producer/musician at work suggested that the song would be great with a singer to come in and finish it off.

    This all worked out great! "Disconnected Strings" and "Walking With The Angels" are now better songs than I had ever hoped, and Scottie would like to sing for me again on my future vocal tunes.

    I do still plan to work on my own singing, if for no other reason to write my songs.

    Thanks to all of you also who made such kind comments on my fledgling drumming....it's all been very constructive AND supportive!

    Now, on to the music, and thanks for reading!

    Dan's Music Site, plz have a listen :^)
    Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)