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Steve Weiss Music

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  • Steve Weiss Music

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Steve Weiss Music. I found some numbers somewhere in the web but they were wrong. Has anyone bought their V's or parts from Steve?
    [email protected]

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    There's his snail mail address... sadly he has not entered the 21st century with a web site. Dunno if you've tried all those numbers yet... but those are the ones I have.

    Steve Weiss Music
    PO Box 20885
    Philadelphia, PA 19141

    215/329-1637, 215/324-3999, 215/659-0100
    FAX 215/329-3519

    \oo/_ gotta find a new face _\oo/
    \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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      Hey guys, I had to reply to my own message. I bought my V-concert from Steve Weiss music and found about the best deal east of the Mississippi. Screw the guys at 8th Street Music, they were jerks on the phone. Talk to Mark at Steve Weiss, he'll hook you up with a very fair deal. And guess what, he'll talk to you after the sale too...what a concept.
      [email protected]