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V recording sessions gone GREAT

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  • V recording sessions gone GREAT

    yeah. so i recorded with Vs back in April (i think) and im not on this board much, but i just thought i'd mention that it went preeeeeeeettty good. u can hear the sounds at

    enjoy. its hardcore. lots of screaming, and of course. beautiful drum tones

    hit harder???
    hit harder???

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    Dude... You are my hero.

    1) for playing so damn fast - pretty impressive.

    2) for sticking with a "singer" like that!

    My Hart Dynamics GigaPro (vintage 1999)


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      My feet are tired from just listening
      E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
      A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.


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        i really wouldnt know if those r v's or a's, really great sound!


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          Yea that's pretty hardcore muzak, EC.

          Question: When you're playing staight 16th note rolls on double bass @ the intro of character flaw & also at the 2'40" second mark, are you playing single strokes or double strokes on double bass?

          Either way, good job .

          Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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            Incredible drumsounds! Really Nice
            By the way....how many recordings took place for the singer/screamer before he ripped his vocalcords?

            DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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              Yep wicked drumsound, are they real cymbals. Good band, I like the hardcore stuff anyway, Sick Of It All and Slayer and stuff so ****ing good stuff


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                Interesting stuff... From what I could hear, you are playing really well. Cool guitar tone. Unfortunately, I couldn't really hear any drum tones, 'cause I couldn't hear much of the drums. Mostly kick and cymbals. Lots of cymbals. Didn't hear much snare. For your style, you might think of dialing up a "snappier" snare sound, or just making it louder. It'll make what you're doing sound more articulate, and drive the music more.

                Remember a rule of thumb: Your snare should be the loudest part of your kit. Read the Modern Drummer Studio Survival Guide for some great tips.

                Your vocalist has major throat stamina! Reminds me of the guy in Slipknot...


                Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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                  I also like the cymbals... (the crashes not so) Are they real?
                  The snare sounds cheap though. The toms aren't really used often, but sound ok. Lots of 'sustain' on the crashes, it sounds like one constant stream of sound.


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                    Incredible hardcore!

                    I just had to give you guys some space on my FTP site (just in case your present server is down). I took the liberty to add your band to my International Directory on the following site;

                    ftp://vdrum:[email protected]/

                    If you don't mind that is...

                    Upload some more to the site if you like, I still have about a gig left over!

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                    Kelly Mercer
                    Halifax, Nova Scotia

                    My Youtube Channel!

                    My "home studio" webcam!


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                      WOW. thanks for the feedback guys. i TOTALLY forgot i posted on this board.

                      just to let you know. we have both FULL songs up on our site now.

                      I used V's for both songs. Both have alot of double bass too.hehe

                      for you guys interested in my setup.

                      here it goes...
                      for this recording i used:

                      Vpro's with a Td8 brain.
                      4 peice setup. snare, bass, high, and low toms. I used the vdrum hats, and i used a vpad for a china. I used REAL cymbals though. 19" A Custom Projection Crash, 20" Paiste Sound Formula (RIP) Power Crash, 20" Paiste Sound Formula Full Ride. And i recorded this stuff when i was 17 years old.

                      My singer did all those songs in 1 take. He's just nuts like that. No offense to him, but he's probably one of the most studio-declined people i know. but when its turn to get in the booth. he gets the job done.

                      If anybody lives in the Tri-State area and are interested in the studio we recorded at here's the info as well.

                      Producer Chris Badami (great guy). Portrait Recording Studio. Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

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                      hit harder???


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                        anybody hear the full songs? or were too scared off by the clips

                        hit harder???
                        hit harder???