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TD-8 Sequencer question

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  • TD-8 Sequencer question

    Hi. I am about to buy the td-8 module. I have read already that many of you dislike the sequencer in the module. I just need to know how the basic functions of it work. For example: If I want to step record a hi-hat pattern myself, and then play over it, how simple is that? Also, Can you step-record, or do you have to play something and then quantize? And last but not least, if I wanted to record a pattern of say an 808-style kit, but be playing a Room Kit over that; how does that workout?? Any info you have would mean alot to me soon! i plan to make the purchase this week...By the way, I am not interested in what the TD-10 does vs. the TD-8; just the facts please!

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