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Anybody use the Roland Keyboard Amps?

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  • Anybody use the Roland Keyboard Amps?

    If so, how are they? Whats your opinion?

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    I use the Roland KC-500 with my V-Drum set-up for live gigs (and practices)...and I would say it works pretty good.

    I come out of the TD-10 with four mono sends (direct outs - 1 & 2) and go into a rack-mounted 4-unit direct box. From there, I direct the four sends to the FOH (front-of-house)and also to the amp. I use all four (4) channels on the amp for kick, snare, toms and cymbals.

    The only negative I have with the amp is the lack of bottom-end...kick especially!!! However, we use sub cabinets with our main PA system, so I can usually hear (and feel) the lows pretty well.

    Use the "search" function for other monitor options and suggestions!!!


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      I use basically the same setup as Lee and have been very happy with it for rehearsal and small club gigs. I tried to substitute a similar TOA keyboard amp with a 15" and horn so that I could bring my Roland home, but it sounded very weak in comparison.


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        This may not be what you're after, but I do use a KC-100 in conjunction with other stuff for monitoring during rehearsal. I have a Crown Powerbase 2 amp driving a Peavey 1810 cabinet (2 - 10's, 1 - 18"), with the KC-100 just handling the high-range stuff. In this role, it works great.

        As a main monitor, though, the KC-100 would be totally inadequate. It is my around-the-house keyboard/bass amp for practice, so it is fine for what it is. I suspect that the KC-500 or KC-1000 would probably do fine.


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