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Rockdawgy's crazy tunes - check them out!

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  • Rockdawgy's crazy tunes - check them out!

    Hey guys... just been having fun messing around with layer multiple percussion tracks 'n stuff...
    I posted some mp3s up at CyberJams ftp site (by the CyberJam... thanks for providing us with a ftp site!!)
    ftp://vdrum:[email protected]/

    they're in the "incoming" folder.

    The nice thing about playing with a midi "backup band" is that you can kinda go crazy and you don't have to worry about pissing off the bass player. Hee Hee..

    I'm just having fun...

    Let me know what you guys think..

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys' stuff up there too...

    Thanks Again CyberJam for the FTP site!!!

    PS - How much room do you have on that server... I don't want to be a drive hog...

    To VDRUM is FUN !

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    Glad to be of service to my fellow Vdrummers and other musicians around the globe.

    I moved your files to the International Musicians directory and gave you a folder called Rockdawgy.

    I liked what I heard and yes a midi back up band is sweet! No more egos or icons to contend with!

    I have about a gig left on that drive.

    Were the "language" tracks yours too?

    Man your recordings sound great for the most part (kind of boomy on the low end in one or two tracks). How did you make the initial recording (midi, line in, four track)?

    I usually record to my little fourtrack and then line/mic in to the old P3. Kind of noisy sometimes but it gets the job done.

    Put up some more if you like!

    Kelly Mercer
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    My Youtube Channel!

    My "home studio" webcam!


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      lol the drummer of the lenguaje track(as well as the pedicure one) is a friend of mine, from the evans board!!!!bonham fan, great guy!!!!
      hey cyberjam man u rule thanx for everything!!!!!


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        I can't express in words how thankful I am to CyberJam.....
        (Sorry I kinda I freaked when I didn't see my files there... I had told a couple friends out east about your awesome ftp site. Not even in my wildest dreams did I expect my own directory.....)

        I wish that the Language stuff was mine... very excellent quality all-around... as I spend more time 'recording' myself the more I am amazed by excellent quality mixes. I can only hope to be able to mix something as good as that Language.wav... file... (by the way whoever you are.. excellent work... you might think about converting it to an .mp3 only because 58MB is kinda BIG...

        I think I will post several separate messages just so this one doesn't seem unbearably long....

        Thanks again CyberJam...


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          Hey Manu ... nice stuff.. I really like the "bonk" of your snare.. what are you using for it.

          I am just guessing..but are you just using a single condenser mike 'close by' when you recorded those solos... also what are you using to amplify them..

          The guy that was doing the pedicure track... are those really VDRUMS... in either case they sound great.. definately a joy to listen to


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            As for my gear and stuff (I am so incredibly happy to talk to other drummers!!-- thanks for your interest Cyberjam!)

            I have the V-SESSION series (you know the red ones...with the V-Cymbals and the TDW-1 card.) And a SPD-20 which I run the output of it INTO the "MIX IN" on the TD-10 Brain.
            (By doing this I just have a single out going to the direct box. -- I can adjust the volume of the SPD-20 using the "MIX IN" volume knob", and I can adjust the volume of the VDRUMS using the "MASTER Volume". (the phones jack isn't used..)
            I actually plug my headphones into the "line out" on my sound card. This way I can hear the MIDI stuff mixed in with the VDRUMS. -- The major drawback of this setup is that I can't hear anything unless my computer is ON. (no biggy cause it's always on.)

            I have a PIII-800 with a Creative Labs PCI 128 sound card.
            I use CUBASE VST32 5.0 to do my recordings... as you can tell I still have lots to learn about mixing...

            For the Midi tracks ..
            1. I import them into CUBASE (as midi tracks)
            2. In CUBASE you can assign a different VST instrument to each midi track (The default VST "universal sound module" has much better sounds than that of the PCI 128 card.) You can download other VST instruments (like Bass Guitars, and Pianos.. I haven't found any Guitar or Horn ones yet -- at least FREE ones...
            3. I then record my vdrums on a separate audio track.. the SB128 only has a single input so I use the Master (L/Mono) output through a Direct box (first) then into the soundcard (1/4" to 1/8" din adapter).
            (I dunno if the direct box makes a big difference but when I was gigging live I really HAD to use it for my SPD-20...why change-- I think it "sweetens" the signal going into the soundcard... but hey I'm not a sound engineer (my recordings can attest to that!)

            So that's the gear...


            • #7
              As for some of the tracks like "Walk like an egyptian". I recorded the drum track.. then I overdubbed the Bongo part as another track. Then the tamborine. Then the shakers (all from my SPD-20)... The only sound that's midi is that weird kinda Vibra slap sound..) - I didn't loop them -- mostly because I haven't figured out how to do looping in cubase... besides I was having so much fun.. why would I want to!)

              (I did the same kinda thing for Bang a Drum.. In fact the was the very first thing I played with My V's....)


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                On the Bozzio stuff..I put some added 'verb on the track from within CUBASE...( I haven't really played with the TD-10 onboard effects.. until I can get the VTRANS thing working I don't want to mess anything up.

                CUBASE has about 20 built-in effect like reverb, compresser. The cool thing is that the Midi tracks (using the VST's are basically now midi triggerd samples..) AND you can apply effects to them.

                On the VAI thing I actually exported all of the midi tracks (one or two at a time to wav's)... then I imported them (now just as a regular audio track). I could then add the built-in distortion effect on them.. MAN what a difference...(I think I used the SnareBzz Kit)

                I have been experimenting by exporting the odd midi track to an audio track, then applying distortion or chorus or whatever...
                It works best using a midi "guitar" track, then applying some distortion.

                I haven't even scratched the surface of what CUBASE can do...

                FYI: I used to use Cakewalk Pro 8/9. But Man..being able to export a midi track as an audio track... you are almost unlimited (except by the particular VST you use..)

                It would be nice to record each Vdrum on a separate track...and mix afterwards...that way you could put more effects on say the TOMS, and some different effects on the snare or what ever... but right now the who kit is recorded a one. I find that I have to really tweak each kit.... cause some TOMS really cut (even though they don't sound like it when you are playing them).

                Man I could go on for hours... (I just don't get to talk shop very often...)

                As for kits.. Most of them were the TOP kit (slightly tweaked).

                The bozzio thing... I was using some TOMS off the SPD-20 and the SHRTSTOP kit with the snares off. (that's just cool to turn the snares off and on..... if only they had a level -- like the real thing....)

                OK I'll shut up now...

                Happy VDRUMMING...


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                  OK just one more.. then I'll shut up...
                  CyberJam what kind of speakers were you listening with. (Which tracks were TOO low-endy?). I mix using some SONY headphones, and I have an ALTEC Lansing AC45 Speaker set... but I can't crank them cause I live in a friggin apartment.. I know sometimes my tracks distort when I play them on some peoples speakers....

                  I have been struggling with mixdowns... A lot of times.. it doesn't sound bad with head phones.. but.. on some speakers.. the mix is all wrong... ( I sometimes try to "test" my mix out on a set of wimpy little computer speakers... but you never know... I guess the big test would be to burn them to a CD an plop them in my buddys awesome car stereo...

                  If anyone has any recording / mixing tips that would be awesome... I have just recently started messing with PANNING stuff a bit...

                  I am guessing that a lot of the stuff on CYBERJAM's site are done in Pro Studios with real drums? -- either way...wicked!!!!!!!!!

                  Thanks for putting up with my ranting... (I'm am just so pumped to share with other drummers...friends are cool but you know.. it's just not the same!!!!!!!!)

                  Know what I mean... Thanks you guys!!!


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                    I have a set of 300 watt Peavey 212H columns, and 2 15" bass cabinets hooked into a 600 watt Yamaha powered mixer. I think it may have been my setup. I just got back from doing a dance with my equipment so the settings were still in "big firehall mode."

                    None of the tracks on my site are done in big studios (at least no one has informed me as such). All my tracks were done on the fly using some pretty basic equipment. Some of the other Halifax musician's stuff was done my laptop and a stereo microphone. I must say I am pretty impressed with overall quality of what people are uploading when one considers what they are using to get the job done.

                    I have taken the time to MP3 that big language track. Waves are just too big! No trouble because I can squash them. I will move them to their own directory once I have the Artist's information.

                    I will keep my FTP site up as long as my ISP does not kill me. They do indeed frown on FTP'ers but if we were keep the files sizes small (5 to 15 MB) they may just leave me alone for a very long time. That 58 MB file was squashed to 8.2MB and I used a variable bitrate (to avoid compression whine and save space) at the maximum setting of 256kbps. I know getting reliable free space online is so hard these days especially for MP3's. I have tried a few times with different web hosting places and was stymied in the very beginning. I know there are some places that will do it (I have since seen a few). I said to hell with it and started to host my own site and decided to share it with everyone!

                    Enjoy the FTP site while you can!

                    Maybe it will provide a little exposure for some of us talented sorts!

                    Vdrums are definately a Godsend for home based recording studios!

                    Practise, practise, practise!

                    [This message has been edited by Cyberjam (edited November 24, 2001).]
                    Kelly Mercer
                    Halifax, Nova Scotia

                    My Youtube Channel!

                    My "home studio" webcam!


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                      i did that already!!!!!there was an mp3 lenguaje2 track, i tried to delete the others but i couldnt!.( maybe u didnt saw it)

                      i have a icq site and i also get all the stuff from ppl, i convert them into mp3 format if it necessary and then i post it!!!!
                      i actually got inspired from u man!!!!i always wanted to put audio on the net and nobody helped me so i think maybe u know.....hehehe

                      well i dont wanna write in english anymore but keep the good job my friend!!!


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                        No problem!

                        Inspiration comes from many sources, a heartbeat, an idea, then a whisper...

                        Enjoy life even if it doesn't enjoy you!

                        Kelly Mercer
                        Halifax, Nova Scotia

                        My Youtube Channel!

                        My "home studio" webcam!