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  • triggerhead!

    hi everyone, i have looking at ways to upgrade my club kit, reading stuff on the tdi page, and i am considering selling the two kd7's that i bought and purchasing a acoustic bass drum triggerhead, and go back to using my double kick pedal the way it was intented to be. this seems like an awesome idea and i was wondering if any of you can think of any reasonable advantage to using the kd7 over a triggerhead on an acoustic drum? i can't see any reason to not sell 'em. (this would just be my first step in making my hybrid setup.) opinions?
    Jackie O Slashes

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    It's really whatever gets you the sound and feel that makes you happy. You should try it out before selling your KD-7's.

    Something thats nice about KD-7's is that you can put them anywhere you want.


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      Get a KD80 or KD120 (or any other Mesh kick pad)! They're more sensitive & expressive than yer hard rubber KD7's will ever be. Use a KD7 as an extra percussion trigger or something if you dig. I do! Your welcome!

      -Alex & V's: http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr
      Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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        thanks for the comments, guys. yeah, i agree it would be best to try it out before selling the kd7's, but the problem there is the funds would be coming from their sale. by the way, i was referring in the first post to purchasing with kd-7 money a t-drum mesh head, not a kd80/120, and it being a 20 in. for my 20 in. A. bass drum. and after reading a recent similiar post i was questioning weather it would end up being more of a hassle than it's worth,(using my real bass drum to essentially just trigger, with the mesh head). do any of you feel that with a 20 inch, with a t-drum mesh head and and a head-mounted trigger, that i would actually have much difficulty?? someone seemed to think that it would'nt trigger effectively. any suggestions?

        Jackie O Slashes