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On board tuning...tuning using TD-10

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  • On board tuning...tuning using TD-10

    Still a humble newbie and trying to do things by the book...
    When adjusting the mesh heads tension,the manual suggest using the TD-10s on board program by striking the head 1" in front of each lug and adjusting by what the readout says "LEFT Or RIGHT" tight..loose,etc

    My question:Is this effective...I mean,i set my tension on tight and did it as called for and these things are TIGHT!'Super tight...
    Any thoughts?
    Are you guys happy with the end result tuning/setting the tension this way?

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    Yeah, it actually works! I checked it against my own head tension guage and was surprised how uniform I can get the tension w/ this function.

    You must hit the head 3/4" to 1" directly in front of each lug (aligning towards the inside center of the head from each lug).

    BTW only the snare input works until you get the new exp. card which fixes the rest of the toms.
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      Originally posted by RYLO:
      Are you guys happy with the end result tuning/setting the tension this way?
      Heck no. Also, when I did it this way, I wouldn't have called the result "tight". Even tuning to the tighter option, the drums were springy (partially a function of the heads).


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        I had a hard time using on board tuning until I got the knack of it. You need to be really precise in where you hit the head. Some have put marks 1" from the lugs. You can watch the tuner display change as you deviate from the mark. You really don't have to hit it hard at all to get a good measurement but you should be consistent.

        I agree about the tight setting not yielding that tight of a head. On the set I share, I had to constantly relax the head. One of the other drummers favored very tight heads. These babies are hard as a rock. The arrows were off the scale. I have also experienced missed triggers on some snares when the head is extremely tight.
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