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oh my god

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  • oh my god

    dear jesus. on sept 11th, the world trade center had 2 hi-jacked airplanes go through it. what is going on!! i can't believe this. holy crap...one hit the pentagon too!! have you guys heard this yet!!??

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      i dont see the joke.....


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        Nor do I. And if it is a joke, it sure's hell isn't funny.

        drummerboy, are you ****ing serious? Did Ted Kaczynski's cabin get a new occupant or something?

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          Basically when I read this I said,"What the hell."


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            I'm thinking it is a sarcastic tongue-in-cheek comment on the constant media coverage.

            And a daring follow up to the introductive Come-check-out-my-new-paysite spiel.

            Ah, to be young and foolish again!
            Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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              Does old and foolish count...?


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                He must have been on holiday for quite a long time ...


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                  ginger hit it on the spot. i am young, and possibly foolish. i do not take the tragedy lightly, however, it is now ALL we hear about, and the information given is vital, YET so redundant. i do not even understand some of the terms given. can someone please, in english, tell me what is going on..re: the current war. thanks.


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                    Originally posted by drummerboy:
                    can someone please, in english, tell me what is going on..re: the current war. thanks.
                    Some really bad men killed alot of people, so we are trying to capture the really bad men.

                    Easy enough?

                    - Hans
                    - Hans


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                      you're killing some people on the process too, but well what can we do....


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                        I looked at this too,and thought not only was it young and foolish,it was very much without tact.Those of you who know me,know I am a firefighter/emt,as well as an e-drummer,so after loosing 343 brothers,aprximately 4500+ victims,I didnt think it was one bit god damn funny to read this,expecialy knowing Im still on call to go to the wtc site with our rescue team to help fdny.My only hope is that someone closer to you then I will explain the importance of keeping your tounge in your mouth before it gets tied around your neck.
                        In plain english,I was offended,it was not funny,you have a bad sense of humor,and you need to grow up kid.
                        Todd lowry ff/emt-b
                        *9-11,may we never forget*


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                          As I've said before on this forum, I can't laugh about jokes about it either. But then again it seems a way for people to get fear out of their heads and have a little more fun in life.
                          So is it good or bad to make jokes about terrorism and war? I don't know....

                          Music was my first love...


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                            I would have to say that in a forum like this, it is pretty inappropriate IMO... Bad Karma was personally affected by the events, as were mant others. I don't think those or any folks should even have to think of that as they read up on some edrum gossip...they come here for other reasons not to find jokes about one of the worst events in US history. Maybe it hasn't sunk in to some as to what is really going on these days - history is unfolding...nothing funny about that.



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                              You are so right Erik.

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                              Music was my first love...