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    Has anyone tried the Theater kit on the TD10 expansion card? It is supposed to sound like the Dream Theater kit. I have been using it, and was wondering if anyone else thought it sounded good. I removed the effects from it and used it through a PA with out much tweaking, and thought it sounded pretty good, but I am a newbe. Comments welcome.
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    I just scrolled through the 50 kits on the TDW-1 expansion card. I have no kit name "Theater"... What number kit is it?
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      theatre is #48 on an UNexpanded td-10.


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        No Way! I've used that theater kit and does not even come close to mike portnoy's kit. I have since designed a few kits that are very similar to some of mike portnoys kits. His sound is not that hard to emulate. unless of course your going for perfection, which is impossible. I have gotten pretty close though.

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          OK I am really confused. My 48 is kit copy 3, and it is the same kit as #3 TIGHT???? I am off here, or am I missing something. Where is the Theater kit? My TD-10 is NOT expanded.


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            The last 5 kits of the TD-10 were just copies of some of the other 45 kits. That's why they are called kitcopy_. When the TDW-1 is installed it replaces them with 5 new kits, so you actually get 55 new kits by expanding. Kit #48 of the TD-10 kits IN THE EXPANDED TD-10 is Theater. See page 24 of the TDW-1 manual.
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              Originally posted by Boingo:
              Kit #48 of the TD-10 kits IN THE EXPANDED TD-10 is Theater. See page 24 of the TDW-1 manual.
              my goof. 48 is added to to the td-10 original kits as the theatre kit once the td-10 is expanded (as boingo correctly states) via the tdw-1. tke copy kits go away, and are replaced by five new kits. make sense? i read it from the luvtheartz spreadsheet and assumed it eas accurate.

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                Originally posted by digitsone:
                theatre is #48 on an UNexpanded td-10.
                OK, it all makes sence. The above post is what had me confused. Thanks again......I really need to get that exp. board.