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TD10ish patch on a TD8

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  • TD10ish patch on a TD8

    First post on this board but I've been reading for a few months while deciding on a purchase and FINALLY just got my brand new TD-8 last night and can't wait to get home and start tinkering!!!
    Question: I once borrowed a TD-10 for a few days and loved the sound of 4 kits in particular. I'd like to try to replicate the sounds from the Dr.Spin/Egad/NoRain/ToP sets particularily the snare and kicks. Any suggestions of what numbered TD-8 instruments might be closest as a starting point that I should start fiddling with? I don't have access to the TD-10 to compare any more. Also is there a cross reference anywhere that lists any of the common samples across the 10/10ex/8/6. or even just lists all the instruments from all the modules.

    Sorry if this isn't "General" I didn't think it was quite "vtrans" or quite "Technical" so if I've offended any category police I'll try harder next time.

    Any ideas on any of those 4 kits would be appreciated or any links to uploads of similar patches.


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    welcome, r8der. i'm not sure of a comprehensive list of the td-8 or td-6 offerings, but one of our members (luvtheartz) was nice enough to recently post an excel spreadsheet of all instruments in the td-10 and tdw-1 expansion card.

    you can download it it from here.

    hope this helps in your quest!


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      I've always liked Aaron Comess’ sound with the original Spin Doctors. Maybe you, or someone else, could detail how that Dr. Spin kit is put together for us V-Club people who don't have it. (At least I don't ever remember seeing it on the TD-6, anyway...)



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        That Excel spreadsheet has the names of the kits. Can we get the drums/cymbals/effects that make up those kits?

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          Thanks for the spread-sheet link, that's cool. Like Holshot says, if we knew which of those listed instruments was in which of the listed kits we might be able to find comparably named instruments on the TD-8 as starting points.

          My most burning need would be the specifics on the kit for Dr. Spin since I've got a rehearsal tomorrow and gig soon after where I'm doing a Spin Doctors tune and it would be cool to nail that sound to show the guys why I'm so keen to integrate these v-drums for specific tunes...the TD-10 kit I got to demo was VERY close to the orig sound on Two Princes.

          If I make any headway I'll post it but I think it will take me a long while of getting to know my way around the TD-8 available sounds until I can translate what I hear in my head to creating it on the Roland brain from baseline samples. I played a few hours last night with the new baby (TD-8) and only started to scratch the surface of remembering what the various samples sound like by name much less changing the parameters.


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            unfortunately i don't have the time to chart all 100 drumkits for you guys, but i did do the dr. spin kit. here you go -

            KRound K(4)
            TxMaple Tx(200-203)
            TxrFibre Tx(184-187)
            HH/HHr12" HH(324)
            R/RbLite Rd/RdB(383-4)
            C1rSplsh 8"(352)
            C2China 18"(360)
            C2rChina 12"(359)
            A1Round K(4)
            A1rPgy Crsh2(366)
            A2rChina 20"(361)

            The are configured in a large, plaster theatre with high ambient mics, a dynamic on the snare and a condenser on the kick.

            good luck!

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              Awesome!! Thanks a lot for taking the time to dig that out. I can't wait to get home and see if I can find approximations of those and start tweaking.

              Naw, I wouldn't want all 100 kits anyway that would be an ALL day job (unless one of those midi-computer utilities dumps instrument NAMES) - I was mostly just interested in the spin/egad/ToP/NoRain kits.

              If I can return the fav in some way sometime let me know.


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                no stress - it's my good deed for the day.

                i was also wondering if vkittrans or it's equivalents store the name of the instruments in midi data? anyone have any insight on this?


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                  Ooops, just realized your list doesn't include a snare patch...can I ask you to take another quick look...that'll be the one that's hardest to immitate.


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                    Digisone said:
                    > or it's equivalents store the name of the
                    > instruments in midi data? anyone have any
                    > insight on this?

                    The names would be nice...but I guess all that is really needed is the instrument numbers stored SINCE we already have the excel sheet from luvtheartz that gives us the match between name and number...it might be a bit awkward but if the kit-data can be dumped into another spreadsheet then a few vlookup excel formulas later and BOOM yer done.


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                      Originally posted by R8der:
                      Ooops, just realized your list doesn't include a snare patch...can I ask you to take another quick look...that'll be the one that's hardest to immitate.
                      sorry, i wrote that down but forgot to put it in the list. snare is piccolo2, and rim is piccolo2rim.


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                        Thanks, Digitsone! You've made my day!!


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                          no sweat, bob! i wish i could upload more! did anyone ever determine if the midi dump data contains instrument number? i guess the instrument could also be determined from note number.