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  • Old Ian Paice DVD

    I came accross a DVd the other day with some archive footage of Deep Purple. Its a live concert from Denmark from 1972. Ian Paice does a drum solo in the track "The Mule". If you have not seen this I recommend you try to take a look. The speed of his hands is quite increadible and he does a lot of one handed drum rolls which have to be seen to believe.
    Also, only one bass drum, which he beats faster than most can these days with two.
    Take a look - the film quality as you can imagine is not the best but its worth it just to see how good he really was at his peak.
    TD 20 (black) and they are just great....

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    I've got the "Come Hell or High Water" DVD filmed Nov. 9 1993 in Birmingham, UK. Excellent DVD!

    If you can find a "Deep Purple - Made in Japan" cd, get it. They were in fine form back then. Still one of my fav's after all these years.
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      Where is it?
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        Sorry should have made clear that I found the DVD in a library, not on any web site - sorry.

        Its called Deep Purple Live in Concert 72/73. Copenhagen and New York.
        TD 20 (black) and they are just great....


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          how good he "was", i think he still has great hands and groove :

          here's a version of "the mule" :

          edit: one handed rolls are not as hard as one thinks :

          works better on metal rims/snare.
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            Thanks for the link. I always thought Ian Paice was good drummer, now this video proves it. I didn't know they made heads that durable back then. I need to go practice my foot work now.


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              I used to love Deep Purple as a teen and still do. Every instrument's part and the vocals just meshed together perfectly. My friends would hear them with songs like Woman From Tokyo and Hush and ask "who is that"? I'd tell them it was some great new group and they would want to know more about them. Then I would play Smoke on the Water and they would recognize who it was or just outright tell them it's a band their parents listened to at their age. Thank for putting up those links.


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                My stepfather ruined Deep Purple for me...and the Grateful Dead, and Jimmy Buffet. I detest them all. (one step below hate...cause I don't know that I could really hate any music..)

                Any time I hear them now... I will leave the place it is playing in or turn it off etc.
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                  "That and the "funny" smell that had absorbed into my favorite tee shirt"

                  But it is organic. I think that was their real meaning of 'Smoke on the Water".


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                    Originally posted by 3Cup Candy View Post
                    But it is organic. I think that was their real meaning of 'Smoke on the Water".
                    So is Arsenic.

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                      Allan and Eric,

                      Thanks for the information and links. Deep Purple have always been a favorite of mine. I jam to Smoke on the Water and Space Truckin' every night, with Space Truckin' taking LOTS more concentration and effort to even come close.
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                        Ahh ya gotta luv Pacey he is one of my favs.
                        I still go see Deep Purple every year they tour they are still a fantastic live band.
                        An you have to love Steve Morse's chops.
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