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    I just bought a roland v-club set... It didn't arrive yet. I want to get an extra CY-6 and a PD80-R for my snare. Can I use the mount for the old rubber snare to mount it as an extra tom?,, and what do I need to purchase along with the CY-6 and the PD80R in order to mount them and connect them,,, I would greatly appreciate model #'s of mounts and cables, or do cables come with them?


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    Originally posted by Jasonb:
    ...Can I use the mount for the old rubber snare to mount it as an extra tom?
    Yes (see link below).

    Originally posted by Jasonb:
    ...and what do I need to purchase along with the CY-6 and the PD80R in order to mount them and connect them.
    Any cymbal arm that will attach to the 1-1/2" rack should be O.K. for the CY-6, Roland is expensive. For the PD80, a standard clamp and "L" rod like the others is fine. As always, other manufacturers may be cheaper than ordering Roland parts, some like Gibraltar, tend to be more sturdy as well IMO. Both the pads you mention come with cables when you purchase them. Here is a kit set up along the lines of what you are describing. Welcome. http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/001061.html


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      Welcome aboard, Jason! You're in for a great time with your new Clubs!

      That's my kit that Dr. K linked to. If you have any setup questions, let 'em fly; I've spent a pretty fair amount of time fiddling with mine, but those pix represent it's final form.

      If you have any actual DRUMMING questions, plz redirect to Dr. K, Fartnokker, Animal and our other fine sages here

      HolShot should be chiming in with a glowing assertion of the Clubs shortly, as well

      Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)


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        Huh? Someone say somethin'?

        Ahhh... the V-Tubs!

        I have resurrected the, "I love my new V-Clubs" thread ( www.vdrums.com/discussion/Forum4/HTML/000992.html ).

        Perhaps you'd care to go thru it for some ideas and other's opinions about their V-Club kits. You might even want to share your experiences with your new kit as well.

        The V-Club can be expanded to accomodate the following pads:

        1-dual trigger pad for the snare (PD-80R recommended)
        5-single trigger pads for toms (PD-6s, here...)
        4-dual trigger pads for cymbals and hat (CY-6s do the job admirably)
        Either 2 KD-7s or one upright kick trigger and a dual beater kick pedal (double your pleasure, double your fun!)

        The result? Nothing more than a full 7-piece kit, with 6 cymbals and a hat with more expressive capabilities due to the dual triggers. Not a bad value for your entertainment dollar!

        I think Roland may regret ever selling this kit as it really allows a person to start small and grow as they can afford it. Especially since you don't necessarily need to use Roland pads! PinTech pads work quite well with the TD-6 and they're a lot less expensive!!

        Simply fantastic!


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