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question regarding vdrums..honestly.

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  • question regarding vdrums..honestly.

    i am a v-drummer, and i have a close contact that is a VERY good DJ (like 2 turntables and a microphone). anyway, i think it would be cool to colaborate with this DJ and bring a whole different style of music to earth. any ideas on how i can go about this? i am not familiar with all of the options that my td8 brings to the table regarding playing with a dj. i am not sure if it brings ANY options for that matter. a little help..please..

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    A whole different style of music? Let's hear some of it. Sure would help you with any ideas that the gang here can help you with.


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      i just think it would ROCK to maybe jam with an awesome dj, with a lot of mad tekno loops, and combine it with my drumming of some funk, and jazz. i have a lot of ideas running through my head, i just want to interperet them into music. ill be sure to let you guys hear.


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        You could record yourself doing a drum "loop", then play along to it.
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          You could also record yourself playing along to a drum "loop" that you recorded yourself, then play along to it.


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            Originally posted by drummerboy:

            Welcome to my nick of the woods drummerboy.

            What you are referring to is called playing to backing tracks.

            Some examples:

            2-track: DAT, CD, MD, etc

            In a typical configuration, a mono mix of the backing tracks is on one channel of a 2-track recorder, and the click track is on the other. The backing tracks are routed to a DI box and then sent to an input channel on the PA mixer (with the channel volume set to unity gain). The click track is routed to a headphone amp, which drives the drummerís headphones (or an IEM). The drummer monitors the click with one ear and monitors the band or other music source like a DJ (using floor wedges) with the other.

            For greater control of individual backing-track levels, a multitrack recorder can be used instead of a 2-track. In this example, six backing tracks and the click track are played on an 8-track recorder. The backing tracks are mixed to mono and then they and the click track are routed to the PA mixer and the headphone amp.

            When it comes to paying in clubs/venues and using their PA, one more item to consider. Most clubs arenít run in stereo, it makes sense to make your backing mix in mono. On one channel, you print the backing material and on the other, you lay down a reference click track. Make sure to prepare your mixes so that you have consistent levels from song to song.

            A lot (A LOT) of top bands/artists work the backing tracks into their live shows, the trick is not to have to much going on in the background so that you canít work in the live instruments and be heard well.

            Iíve played with DJ in the past and still do on occasions in my studio for practice when my band mates are not here. With DJís, you have to know when they are mixing the other track in; otherwise you will not be in synch. Knowing the tracks ahead of time will help plus knowing the DJís style of mixing.



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              If I'd ever work with a DJ or something, I'd probably use percussion sounds instead of using only the normal drum sounds like kick, snare, hihat and so on. Most music already has those sounds, so it would be a nice idea to add different rythms in different frequencies.

              I quit often see an acoustic drummer jamming along with electronical beats on tv. First thing I notice is that I don't hear the drummer. Maybe I do hear his kick and snare, but it seems as though they're elements of the loops as well. Do something different to bring something extra to the music

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