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Mesh of Real???

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  • Mesh of Real???

    Hi guys,
    I'm going to build some pads to work with ROLAND TD-x. I need this to make pracice on drumset, this means, that i need realistic response from pad - i'm practicing doubles, paradidles, rudiments ... but also i need very SILENT pads (maybe quite contradiction...). It is better to use mesh head pads (In Czech Republic available Pearl Muffle heads), or it is better to make pad from REMO practice pad (or eqiuvalent TAMA TP-10 ...). What is better, what offers more silence ??? Thank a lot for replys (sorry for english)

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    For home practicing the mesh headed pads are absolute the most silent. But some people complain about the bouncy feel they have. But perhaps you need to become habituated on this...


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      I use ddrum cast precision pads with mesh heads on the toms and kick. The tom heads are triggerheads and on the kick I have a Roland head. I'm very satisfied with the playing feel of the toms, the feel on the kick is allright but could be better.
      On my snare I use a normal drumhead, otherwise it doesn't trigger good enough.

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        Mesh heads are quietest. There are plenty of things that can be done with head tension "tuning", and muffling devices to help them feel more like an acoustic drum feel. I feel two-ply heads are the best starting point for getting closest. I would offer to sell you some cheap, but the shipping might make it cost as much or more as buying there. (I have an entire set of virtually brand new Roland 2-ply mesh, (four) 12-inch and (two) 10-inch.) I also have single samples of about half a dozen other brands from my experimenting.


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          The best working mesh heads I found for silence and triggering are the Roland double mesh heads. I'm using a 22" Pearl head for the kick but for 10" and 12" Roland heads and the cat's paw. I use a real feel practice pad, along with a Pintec pad to practice rudiments, and both are silent. Once you get use to the extra bouncyness of the mesh head it feels natural. Going from a real head to mesh you will find the mesh bouncier, and takes a smal amount of time to get use to. Because of the bouncyness, doubles of and rudiment with a bounce or dittle works great. I've converted a regular set of acoustics to mesh headed e drums. buy one Roland head and try it.


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            Dr. K, email me and give a price on all those heads. 4 - 12's and 2 - 10's is exactly what I need to build my set. Would cost like $118 from Midwest Percussion.