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  • Bet you can't answer this!

    i have an old old pearl set. it has the high tom, low tom, and floor tom, along with two mounted concert toms, and of course a bass drum. it has all original hardware, and old old zidljian cymbals. it is in excellent condition. it is white. it's shells are all fiber glass. the bass pedal is an old ludwig speed king, and the snare is an old ludwig, it has a silver shell with chrome hardware. i do not know the years, or models of the equipment. all i know is that it is REALLY old, but still plays and sounds good. not to mention is beautiful. i am wondering how i can go about getting it appraised. i need to pass it on to a collector of sorts.

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    These two web sites may help: -
    http://web2.airmail.net/thompson/vdrum.htm http://www.supremedrums.com/

    but why not try asking Pearl for info first thet have a history section at [URL=http://www.pearldrum.com/education/history/index.html]

    In fact the timeline states
    "1972 Pearl introduces fiberglass and wood fiberglass shells"

    Hope that gets you started

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