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How Bored Am I?

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  • How Bored Am I?

    I got tired of flipping between the two separate instrument lists in the separate TD-10 and TDW-1 manuals looking up instrument names and numbers, so I created a consolidated list by instrument. If anybody wants a copy of the Excel file I created, I would be happy to email them to you. Seems a shame not to share this since I spent the time inputting all of the information.

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    i am sure there are more then a few of us who have considered doing this, and thanks to luztheartz for doing it and sharing.

    hey, michael, if you want i can post an online link to the list so people don't have to email you for a copy. just let me know.


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      I've already emailed it to two of you and would love to know a way to post it so people can download without going thru me.

      Digitsone...if you can post it, go ahead. I might add that the first page of the file has the 50 TD-10 kits, the 50 TDW-1 kits and my 50 User kits.

      My next task is to automate the instrument numbers to the names so I can create the instrument lists for each of my user kits..ie, input the instrument number and the name automatically pops into the chart.



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        I'd like to have it too even though I do not have the expansion card just yet.

        I can put it up on my FTP site for everyone to get!


        That file has not arrived yet. My FTP site is listed below. Feel free to upload or download whatever you like.

        ftp://vdrum:[email protected]/

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          Cyberjam...I sent the file to your listed email. If you can post and give the link here, that would be great. Thanks.



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            i just posted it here! thanks again!