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need advice!!!( i think)

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  • need advice!!!( i think)

    hi i just i just called samash, they told me they accept stuff and they give you money to buy things in the store.
    ok so this is what they told me

    pearl traveler kit= 300$( if it is in good condition) or 250$( if it is in a not so good condition)

    zbt cymbal pack= 50$ ( it think thats it no matter what)

    pd-7s X 2= 70$ each one ( if they are ok but mine are just like new)

    im gonna get 200$ that somebody owe me on wednesday or thursday.
    im thinking on use the 200$ for hart cymbals and then with the money that i only can use inside of the store buy cool headphones, some speakers and accesories......maybe another kick??
    somebody have some advice on.....hmmm...something?????? or everything seems fine?