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Questions For The Veteran E-Drummers

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  • Questions For The Veteran E-Drummers

    This is my first post so bear with me. I will be a beginning e-drummer in about 3 days. I just ordered the Roland V-Club Kit yesterday. I'm very excited, but I also have some questions. 1)Does the v-club kit come with cables? I know that sounds stupid but even though I have been playing drums for over twenty years now, I have no idea how to set up an electronic kit. I would think that it would come with all of the cables you would need, at least I hope. 2) What are some of the backing sounds on the td-6 module? Just curious. I may have more questions later on, but that should do for now. Thanx!

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    I've never bought a brand new kit but I would say it comes with all the the things you will need to be playing within an hour . They are plug an play pritty much . If you run into problems there are lot of people here to help ya out . Haven't spent much time here as of late .....lots of new names popping up ,... welcome aboard



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      Welcome, Drumkey!

      This is a great forum...I'm new, too, and bought V Clubs largely on the info I've found here from all the sages

      Yes, the Clubs come with everything you need, cable wise. You're good to go. All you need is sticks and a kick pedal...and extra money for all those pads you're going to add after you spend some time here and catch Upgrade Fever

      (Watching the skies for HolShot.....)

      Honestly, I haven't gotten into the backing tunes much. I'm sure some of the other fellas can answer that. There is a very enthusiastic group of Club owners, here!

      Dan's Music Site; melodic, ethereal rock and more! Please have a listen :^)


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        You will need a drum throne (or something to sit on), sticks and a kick drum pedal. Everything else is provided to get started.

        The backing sounds vary, bass guitars, keyboards, horns, etc. They are just short phrases that repeat, but you can mess with them/the instruments.

        Welcome aboard. Prepare to have some fun and loose track of a few days.


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          Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird...

          Nah, it's only me... (For Dan's benefit... )

          Welcome, Drumkey!

          Go check out www.vdrums.com/discussion/Forum4/HTML/000992.html for good info on how the V-Club kit can be upgraded over time.

          Like the others have said, sticks, a kick, and a place to sit, are all you'll need to start enjoying your new V-Tubs! Don't sweat the set-up, it's fairly intuitive once you get started. And, just start with some of the default kits to get you going. After a while, you'll have more questions, and that's what keeps you coming back here. These guys know a lot about V-Drums as well as acoustic drums. I only know what I know, and that much I learned here.




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            Hello drumkey!

            I think you raised an excellent point about the built-in patterns. For a beginning drummer, these are truly superb learning tools.

            They provide you with an excellent time-keeping "instructor" as well as providing teach-along examples of many musical styles.

            (I don't know what the TD-6 offers, or exactly how it compares to the TD-8, which has a far superior library of patterns than the TD-10.)

            However, you will know for yourself just as soon as you set up your new kit, start smacking things, and discover that Time truly is Relative!

            In any case, welcome to the forum, and the exotic heady intoxication of Rhythmic Stylisticationalism.
            Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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              When you go to set up the kit the problem that you might have is setting the thing up to tight. With Acoustics getting things tight so they are comfy was a priority but with V's you have smaller areas to hit and you need to spread them out a little. When I first got my TD-7 set I set them up way to tight and didn't really notice until I got back on an A kit. The problem for me was the look of the pads so far apart was just to strange but I came from a monster 10 piece Ludwig kit with a full 2 tier Cage and about 9 cymbals so it was a HUGE change. It wasn't until I got the new cymbals that I notice my cymbal pads had been to tight and low for the last 4 years. So when you set it up don't worry about the big space between everything and don't be upset when for the next few weeks you are still tweekin the set-up. Enjoy the world of E drumming it is an AWESOME tool for creating and playing music, I have no regrets about getting my V's and dumping my A's, they JUST PLAIN ROCK!!

              Ted H.
              Ted H.


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                You will also need a good pair of headphones (at least) if you intend to hear anything besides "pok, pok, pok".
                Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)