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rudiments on mesh heads

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  • rudiments on mesh heads

    anyone who does rudiments regularly use their mesh-headed snare for rudiments? i have been going through stick control on my pintech snare and i have to say that it is is much harder then i thought! the bounciness adds an interesting control factor that i have never faced on my acoustic drums or remo practice pad.

    that mesh head does make for a mean open roll, though.


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    All the time. I come from a rudimental backround so it's just natural for me to do so. Never noticed having problems with the mesh heads, but they are clearly different than the real thing. Just took a little adjusting to.



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      I also have a pintec and it's one great unit to play on. I'm a practice pad lover as my "Real Feel" pad is favorite #1, the Pintec #2, and acoustics #3 (too loud for late night practices). Regardless of who favors what for practicing, the playing surface is something one gets accustomed to. The extra bouncyness of mesh heads is a love hate relationship. Some hate the bouncyness as it is not the same as a real drum. But others, like me love the bouncyness. I'm a rock drummer that played hard and never used doubles. But devoloped an appreciation for a lighter tough and doubles. For doubles the mesh heads are the cat's paw. Since I'm new to doubles, I mess with mesh. I'm E drums all the way so I say mesh!