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is night and.....

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  • is night and.....

    i just got my v studio......and i have really no idea of nothing and im gonna get the manual in a few days.....anyways i bought it used and is perfect,,,it shines hahaha but im too stupid, i cant even set the rack

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    Don't sweat it, pretty soon you'll know all you need to know! Congrats!


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      ok im a little better now, so im gonna explain a little bit, i have a studio set but with a better rack and on of those v custom mesh pads as snare.

      i have an extra pd 7 and a lot of tubes for the rack!!!!the thing is that my cymbal booms are like a normal boom so i can put the cy-6 there!
      im gonna buy 2 cy-6 and im gonna leave a pd-9 as a ride.....im gonna use 3 pd-7 as toms and a pd-9 for a floor tom.....and im gonna get another kick. ......

      the only thing i did yet was turn on the td 8 and i plugged in the snare and a pd 7 and a pd 9.....in that little time i was messing around i was using a normal set of headphones, the ones i use for the cd player, and when i put the volume too high it did like an interference noise, but i think must be the headphones.....
      also the pd-9 and 7 that i conected werent responing so acurate when i just tapped them like really really softly.....and the rims wasnt working.....

      im sure this is just because i have to change some stuff,
      im not to excited about the drums now, but i will when i get the cy-6....the set looks like new and like the owner really took care of it, but if you think that noise on the headphones and the rims and etc etc are that something is wrong plz tell me the sooner as possible,

      sorry for the english but im too tired to think.......but i sstill excited and nervous!!!


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        what you think about the thing on the kick?????what if i put some rubber below the
        wood???wouldnt that stop the noise for my neighbor a lot?????

        i would love if it would...


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          Here's what I did..

          I went and got a small piece of remnant carpeting...not too thick, something kind of light, think of any kind of carpeting covering the floor of an airplane or a huge conference room....

          Cut it about 14" by 9"..just enough so when you place your kd-7 and kick pedal assembly on top of it, there is about 3 or 4 inches to spare...

          You can buy this stuff called "Super Grip...non-skid coating"..Its a spray on coating you can buy in a hardware store, or a Menards, or a Home Depot, etc...when you spray this stuff on the back of throw rugs, area rugs, bath mats and slip covers, it stops the skidding so when people have rugs on hardwood floors they don't slip and fall on their ass....

          I sprayed in on the piece of my little rectangular carpet remnant, let it set for about 8 hours or so, placed my kd-7/assembly on top of it, and I've never had a creeping kit no matter what type of floor I'm playing on...On one gig I was on a shiny hardwood riser and the kick never moved once...

          "Super Grip" is just one brand name....there are probably a million manufacturers of this stuff.....A whole can is about $1.50.....

          You get the idea, I'm sure...


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            Just an added thought....

            Remember to put the coated side of the little carpet piece hugging the floor...and raise your spikes a little on your kd-7 so they did into the carpet pile...

            I don't have a noise problem cause I live in a house and my drums are in the basement, but I suppose if you use a thicker carpet piece it'll help deaden the noise as long as you really coat the back of the carpet piece with the non-skid adhesive stuff....


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              Originally posted by manu84:
              what you think about the thing on the kick?????what if i put some rubber below the
              wood???wouldnt that stop the noise for my neighbor a lot?????

              i would love if it would...[/B]
              hey manu -

              probably not very much at all, since wood will trasmit the vibrations directly to your floor. you need something that can absorb the vibrations rather then trasmit them. try searching the site on "neighbor" and you will find alot of links on this topic. i, too, am in the process of trying to soundproof my kick trigger although mine is mesh. the td-7's are supposed to be the worst.

              good luck -



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                i setted my drums up and is awsome!!!the td-8 is great!!!!!!i love it!!!


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                  Allright, Manu! Congrats on getting your kit! I'm glad that you were finally able to pick them up.

                  You'll waste hours just going thru and playing all those kits!

                  As for me, I'm shot...I've just been wanking/playing for about 4 1/2 hours. Just not my day

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