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any advice for a fellow visiting the USA?

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  • any advice for a fellow visiting the USA?

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    New Orleans is in Louisiana. Of course do Bourbon Street while you're there--more bars per square mile than anywhere on earth and a pretty unique place & vibe. The Louisiana/Mississippi area you will be travelling through has some Casinos, the best of which are in Biloxi, Mississippi. Memphis and Nashville have great music shops and recording studios. Check out the waterfront area in Nashville. If it is rainy when you are in Chattanooga, it may sound kinda dumb, but they have a cool aquarium. Enjoy your trip. If you've never been, you may be surprised how far a $ goes for dining out. You may not be impressed with the beer. Seek out microbreweries that make their own for something familiar, or failing that look for Killian's or Amber Boch or something similar.

    Oh yeah, and we drive on the right side of the road.


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      First stop New Orleans? Everything is going to be downhill from there my friend! Better to stay in New Orleans until you HAVE to leave then fly to your other destination at the last minute.


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        In Memphis go to Beale St. There are some great blues and jazz clubs there. Just a couple of miles from there is Sun Studios where Elvis, Jerry Lee and many others recorded. They offer a tour and the T-shirt is a must.

        A few miles south of there is Graceland if you care to see a great example of the fact that you can't buy a good sense of taste, you might want to go by there. If you don't have time for everything...skip Graceland.

        I second the aquarium in Chattanooga, it's pretty cool.


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          You're going to see more rednecks in this short period of time than you've seen in your entire life. Just kidding... No I'm not.

          New Orleans is great. Starve yourself for a month, becuase you'll want to do nothing but eat and drink there. There is no better place to dine. While there, you might also want to tour some of the old mansions and do a swamp tour.

          Drooling Dog
          - Scott


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            Try to get a copy of a book called Roadfood by Jane & Michael Stern. My wife and I have driven all over the U.S. and its a great way to find local places that serve bar-b-que, pies and other local favorites that you would probably never know about. It gives you little destinations to shoot for along the way and even the bad places give you something to laugh about. Also, even though it would take at least 4 hours each way by car from Richmond, IN, you should think seriously about going to Chicago and checking out some blues clubs (Kingston Mines, Blue Chicago, Buddy Guys, etc.) while you have the opportunity. Chicago is a pretty cool city which alot of foreign vistors skip because they hit the coasts and leave. We've lived here for 10 years and still operate like tourists by getting out our travel books and checking out stuff the locals take for granted. There is a good web site sponsored by the Chicago Tribune called metromix.com that will tell you what's going on when you are here if you want to attend concerts or shows or anything else. Check it out!

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              New Orleans is in Louisiana
              so it is, my sincerest apologies

              Thanks there is some excellent info here, it looks as if we may stay longer in New Orleans. I think we may visit Chicago next year as I really want to go to kingston mines, and buddy guys. If fact that was the area we were originally going to explore, we were originally booked to fly into New York on 13th Sep and make our way to Chicago!!

              Once again thanks

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