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Carpet or Hardwood floors?

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  • Carpet or Hardwood floors?

    Hi, I'm moving to a new home in a few weeks and the room I'm planning to put my session set is currently a hardwood floor. The room I use it in now is carpeted. What are the pros/cons of using the Session set on a hardwood floor?


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    kd-7 and fd-7 spurs scratching floor... rack sliding... more noise....

    buy a big rug!


    • #3
      ...and some pading. Maybe a piece of thin wood like masonite for under the rug. It seems to me that the spurs would still scratch the floor if you only had a rug.


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        Yeah, go with at least a rug under your kit. Maybe even two so that you have a double thickness to protect the floor from the spikes on the pedals.


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          Carpeted floor and a Drumat on top. Drumats are very handy drum rugs, not too expensive (around $50 at most drum stores) and roll up to 2' x 4', unrolled they are approx. 6' x 4', plenty of space for V's.

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            My mom has hardwood floors in her house. Nine years ago they took up the carpet that had been there since we moved in. Then, had it refinished. So, now my mom is very protective of her floors, and I know what it takes to protect them.


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              Drill holes in the floor and crank the spurs way down into them. Follow up by gluing the rack to the floor and you're all set.

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              - Scott


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                Drooling Dog, you made me LOL and that is good in these troubled times.