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Twin Towers

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  • Twin Towers

    What a ****ed up world we live in . Lets all say a prayer for those who where killed .


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      Yes, amen...


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          Anyone form NY on this forum - let us know you are OK?

          My condolence to my old city....



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            Indeed, F'd up.



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              I just woke up to the horrific news. Such a crazy place we live in.

              My thoughts are with all those hundreds of thousands who are affected by this great tragedy.

              Drumlogic & Undone - hope you are safe.

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                i live in manhattan , i wasnt affected but this is a chaos, and i hope usa dont start a war that will kill many more people...


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                    An act of war has been perpetrated on the US and I'm afraid there is no stopping what will come next. Any country that hides these bastards must be made to realise the error of it's ways. As in '41, America didn't start it, but we will damn well finish it. To suggest that the US shouldn't "start a war" is ludicrus, it has already been started by others. My heart goes out to the 50,000 plus souls who died today, they will be avenged.
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                      The American people are at their best when things are worst. We always have and always will get through times like this. The rest of the world doesn't look up to America for no reason, friends.

                      I felt proud to be an American after seeing our reactions here in Kansas: prayer vigils at churches everywhere, lines down the block for blood donations, people flying their flags. I'm sure even the most stoic person out there couldn't help but be moved by the sight of members of our rival political parties coming together as one to sing "God Bless America".

                      We'll bounce back. We always do.

                      My prayers go out to everyone touched by this terrible event. One of these days we're all going to put down the sword and I hope it's sooner rather than later.

                      God bless America,

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                        I live in NY and I had friends and family in and around the trade center when the planes hit. They all got out alright, but just barely. I think it is time to really teach these a$$holes a lesson and the only way to do that is with brute force. Oh yeah, it's definitley time for war. Im happily looking forward to seeing all of afgahnistan reduce to a pile of rubbish. I dont care how many "innocent" afgahnistan people must die. I'm quite content on seeing the entire race removed from existence. Encourage everyone you know to endorse a full scale retaliation.

                        Now is not the time to be a pacifist.
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                          GOD bless to all !!!


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                            We are totally shocked here in the UK. I work in London and yesterday and today I have never known it this quiet. God bless America. You know we will fight with you to get the bastards!!


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                              Terrible, awful events.

                              I hope innocents are not killed in the backlash. Calls for revenge are ridiculous until the perpetrators are known.

                              I think the refusal to harm innocents is what sets civilised countries like ours apart from terrorists. To kill innocents in revenge makes the Americans no different to the terrorists.

                              Hit them hard, but hit the right people hard.