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LOGIZTIX - September 11th Fund auctions

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  • LOGIZTIX - September 11th Fund auctions

    We've have posted some auctions that provide a way for drummers to help out the September 11th victims and their families.

    ElectronicDRUMS.com Membership:


    AcousticDRUMS.com Membership:


    We're donating ALL of the proceeds of these auctions via The September 11th Fund, established by Ebay. ALL proceeds from the auction, including our listing fees automatically go to The September 11th Fund.

    If you don't like what you see inside Members Only, at least every penny of your money will go to a good cause. As our current Membership auctions expire, we will continue to post auctions for Membership to these sites in addition to other percussion items we are rounding up to benefit The September 11th Fund.

    Thank You & God Bless -


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    William Reeves - President
    Logistix Productions, Inc