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Midwest Percussion Woes

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  • Midwest Percussion Woes

    I don't know about you, but I'll never do business with them again. On June 4th (11 weeks ago!!!) I sent them $5000 in money orders for a V-Drums set. I wanted the upright kick drum in purple. No problem, they said. I still don't have it. They've been stringing me along with promises all this time. Every week it's another excuse. I had to beg them to send the rest of the kit so I could learn the module while I was waiting. The cheap bastards resisted because they wanted to save money on shipping.

    Their service is terrible. It takes forever to talk to a sales person and when you do, they are rude and have hung up on me (and others I hear) when I pressed them for an answer. They will lie and say they have something in stock just to get your credit card number.

    I'm not the type who usually does this, but I have people coming over to record and so now I have to go to Guitar Center and buy a white upright kick with the full intention of using it then returning it. They have left me no choice.

    Anyway, I hope I can hurt their business with this message.


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    Sorry to hear about your experience. I'm surprised because with all the stuff I've ordered from them - including a compete set of V cymbals, they've come through with no hassle. I had to wait several months for the V cymbals since I ordered when they first came out, but they generally kept me updated on my order through the process.

    Just wanted to add my .02 concerning Midwest Percussion. Anyone else have positive/negative experiences with them?


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      Nothing but negative experiences with them. Last November I ordered some rack parts, cause my local store refused to order them (too small an order amount), and I'd still be waiting, if it hadn't been for Interstatemusic, who got my order drop-shipped from Gibraltar in just over a week. No reply from Midwest to any of my inquiries, no confirmation of my order, nothing. They just charged my credit card and ran with it, and gave me a ridiculously hard time in trying to get my money charged back, hung up the phone, told me I wasn't a customer of theirs, that they never charged my credit card, and so on. I actually only got my money back a few weeks ago, after threatening to contact Consumer Protection and my lawyer I've encountered many rude people, or better, people I thought who were rude at my nearest Sam Ash and GCs, but compared to the runaround I got from Midwest, these guys round here are sweet as angels.

      who's wondering if you really have to threaten litigation to get things done in this country...
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        I have had no problems with them at all. I got my CY-6 in 2 days and have always found them to be a great company to deal with.

        Ted H.
        Ted H.


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          You now have to listen to their stupid repeating hold music waaaayyy too long when calling. But otherwise, no problems over many years. However, just about everyone over there knows me and my gear by now(mainly my accoustics) so my experience may vary. I have now heard these kind of complaints from enough people to know there must be something to it, so that's a shame.

          I'll mention it to their sales manager next time I speak to him. It is no secret with them, that they sell e's at this time just to maintain an image of having it all in the percussion arena. They openly admit that e-drums are not their bread and butter. The advantage is that their prices are generally very competitive as they are willing to stock a few and order the rest and sell them at a moderate handling charge. But under no circumstances should this excuse minimal service, whether on a $100 purchase or a $5000 purchase.

          I'd recommend if you order on line that you print the order confirmation. You can always quote them the vitals or fax them a copy if there is a question. Their policy is to accept 50% up front on backordered items, from what I understand. You can call to verify whether an item is truly in stock or not before you buy. (You may still want to order online though to take advantage of free shipping, internet pricing, etc.)

          This is really a drag to hear because I like those guys and haven't had that experience, but I believe what's being said here. You're doing the right thing. Warn others so they know what to expect at worse. They will either shape up or lose business. Think about what on average each of us here has invested in percussion products. Word of mouth is a truly powerful thing in the computer age.


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            I've learned not to buy from them again, if anything. I had heard about them asking 50% up front, but in my case they demanded 100%, then charged me three times for shipping.
            Midwest have always given me the feeling that even acoustics aren't their bread and butter, and that they're just not interested in what they're selling, or in treating a customer like anything else than a cash cow.
            I'm giving my business to Interstate, they're friendly, courteous, and fast. I've never been disappointed by them so far.


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            "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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              Can't blame you. I'd do the same, I s'pose.


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                I was just about to post a very positive experience I had with Midwest Percussion. It's the first time I've ordered from them.

                I got two Vertikiks. I peeled the logos off and replaced them with my band logos. I later decided I didn't like the way they felt. Even though the logos are off, they agreed to let me exchange them for another trigger type. They are charging me $10 each because of the logos, but I'm not complaining about that at all. I didn't expect them to accept them.

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                  Guess I'll jump in with my first post on this forum. I ordered my V-drum Concert kit a few weeks ago from Midwest, and received it last week as promised by Midwest. However, they had to order the KD120PL Kick for me and I am still waiting on receiving the item. It has only been a week, so I am still hopeful the item will be shipped soon. I will let you all know what happens.


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                    Welcome Rat, Any relation to Triple Ratamacue?


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                      I have had nothing but good transactions with them.

                      Yes the hold music is lame, but when I get a guy on I have questions answered and I have had to return a trigger that I thought sucked and it was no problem.
                      They also saved me mucho $$$.

                      I'm sorry to hear about what some have had happen.

                      I will use them till they do something to piss me off.

                      Good luck,

                      td 8,
                      pintech pads,gibraltor rack JBL G2 EON 15 AND Mackie srs-1500, yamaha maple customs, remo jazz kit, buttloads of cymbals... 96 Tahoe,leather.
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                        I live not more than a 15 minute drive from Midwest Percussion, have been to their showroom many times, and I can assure you e-drums are way low on the priority pole for them...the only e-kits they have on display is a dtxpress and an old Roland kit pre v-pro...on the other hand, they have at least 30 acoustic kits set up and ready to rock..

                        I recently purchased road cases for my e's and they were very helpful, even giving me a break on the cases they had to substitute cause the ones I wanted weren't in stock...

                        As far as any thing e-drum related, they are sadly lacking though, I've never been able to get a straight answer out of them...I would go to Interstate Music, Riks Music, or AJ's Pro Percussion....


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                          While E-drums may not be their priority, if they don't have something in stock and can't get it in say, 2 weeks, they should've tried to find it at another store and have them send it to me.

                          After begging them, they send the whole kit but make me wait 11 weeks (and counting) for just the bass drum. You'd think they'd have the decency to care about the customer. I always have to call my "salesman", (Brian)--he never calls me with updates. And it's obvious from his attitude he doesn't give a S_H_I_T.

                          It just makes good business sense. Now I'm furious and spreading the word on the internet.


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                            I don't blame you dude, I'd do the same thing...

                            Why don't you track down the owner and tell him exactly how you feel and what course you are taking now? Forget about Brian, its obvious he doesnt give a ****, so its time to go over his head...


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                              I never order anything over the phone/internet w/o using my credit card. When you use a credit card, you can have the cc company get involved and in some cases, they can do a charge back to the store you're dealing with (this means you get your money back). I know not everyone has a credit card, but with $5K in the bank, I'm sure someone will give you one :-)