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looking to make the E leap

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  • looking to make the E leap

    i have been a fairly exclusive acoustic player for about 10 years, and i am currently looking for an e-kit to add to my acoustic set. i like the idea of having both the electronic and organic aspects available to me at any time.

    one of the things that i am wanting out of an e-kit is an on-board sequencer. i know the TD-8 and TD-10 both have this feature, but for the life of me i can't find anything on either of them on the net. if anyone here has experience with the sequencer on either or both of these products any thoughts/gripes/praises would be extremely welcome and appreciated.

    i am wanting this sequencer to allow me to write original drum loops as well as other melodic parts that can be implemented with my band. do these let you do this, or do they make you stick with the stock loops?

    again, thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

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    I think you will get the general consensus here that the on board sequencers are not particularly useful for the type of use you describe. See todays discussion titled "Anyone using a sampler" for some other options. There have been other discussions about this here in the past. You might want to search for those.


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      Originally posted by Arriguy:
      I think you will get the general consensus here that the on board sequencers are not particularly useful for the type of use you describe.
      Agree. The interface is pretty weak compared to a decent contemporary sequencer, and the memory is pretty limited for use with anything but shorter sequences. Yes, you can program (with patience) loops, and a good point is it makes it really easy to set them up to be triggered off of various pads and/or rims, but the sequencers are really just a throw in, and not great.

      Technically, you can do what you are asking about, but you will probably quickly want something better for that kind of thing. The TDs are great modules but their sequencers are relative toys.


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        It is with a nearly depraved glee that I must throw a a small monkey wrench into the thread.

        I think the TD-10, at least, can do what you describe as far as percussion loops, although melodic loops would be quite tiresome, as dr kildrum points out.

        I saw Mike Snyder do a clinic with the Handsonic and a V-session where he showed off the sequencer sections of both instruments.

        Now, he really knew what he was doing, but I'll tell you what he did:

        With the handsonic he set up his voices for, say, congas, and layed down a cool loop. Then he changed voices, and added a complimentary rhythm with something like Indian drum sounds he altered, right on top of the previous loop. This took about 45 seconds. Then he added another instrument to the mix,etc, and then jammed to it all.

        Now somewhere in here he programmed and used the SPD-6 as a MIDI trigger for the patterns, so you can jam along with different sounds than the patterns are recorded in. This is all beyond my practical understanding, in case you have'nt figured that out yet.

        It was real impressive! I'm pretty sure you can do the same thing with the V's, once you know how.

        Sequences can be several minutes long if the tempo is set right. Once you record your multiloops, you can save them and recall them.

        That being said, dr kildrum , I believe, is right on about a real sampler offering much more.

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