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Yes or no question: ddrum4 module/ V-drum pads

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  • Yes or no question: ddrum4 module/ V-drum pads

    I'm sorrrrryyy! No flames please. This research is drving me nuts. I did the searches... hours of sifting through posts and no straight answers.

    I just wanna know if anyone is using a ddrum4 module with Roland V-pads with success. This is the combo of sounds and feel I want. Someone has to have tried this. Or, I will be the first, and gladly post my results... but I would hate to be the $3000 beta-tester and lose. Positional sensing work? Need to change some pin-outs. No problem. Can it be done?

    Thanks guys, I'm tired. Drummer's love is what I'm lookin' for.


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    I'm not sure about the Roland pads, but I believe that ddrum now offers mesh pads as well.
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      I have not tried this myself, (though I came close) so I am only repeating what I have heard or read.

      My understanding is that the Roland mesh pads do not work perfectly with the ddrum4. However, as pointed out above, ddrum has now put together a mesh pad setup. If I am not mistaken, they have either tweaked a module or used a particular (previous) module that was/is compatible with mesh heads.

      This may be an option to look at. Now whether anyone has tried this mesh head compatible ddrum module with Roland mesh head pads is a great question that I too would like to hear answered.


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        Just found something I had printed from sepdrums. The ddrum4 SE is the model and ddrum states that the operating system 1.4 has something to do with supporting mesh heads with positional sensing. If you look at a picture, there appear to be external triggers mounted over the heads, so still less convinced how this would work out with the SE module and Roland pads now. If you have to add the triggers, you are spending an awful lot for a shell and a mesh head that you could buy cheaper or make even cheaper than that. If anyone here tries these out/has a closer look, let us know.


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          Thanks for helping guys, I appreciate it. Yes, the new SE mesh head ddrums will be out in September. It DOES look an external trigger, but it's not. It's just extra protection above the spot where the trigger is internally (that's how it was explained to me).

          I know for a fact that I like the way the V-Drums look and feel. I was finally able to demo the ddrums and thought they felt just like my Remo practice-pad kit. So I'm either going to be the first person to try the ddrum/v combo (which would be hard to believe), or I'll do the sensible thing and wait for the SE mesh series.

          Sheesh... I never thought it'd be such a big deal! The custom kit I have in mind would be pretty great.


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            I should say that I have read one post in the ddrum forum where a guy hooked up a v-drum to the snare input, and the rim/head triggers produced 100% crosstalk, but I would think I could change some wiring around to fix that.


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              Just one man's opinon...

              Especially with these two brands (were not talking Pintech pads with the Roland brain), I'd stick with one vendor or the other and not do the mix and match thing...This type of thing never seems to work flawlessly.

              I know you just asked yes/no, but I have to ask: Why do you not like the td-10 brain (with expansion)?

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                I wish I did. It's cool, definitely. The sounds are "coherent", probably due to the FX and EQing going on within the TD-10. But I think they sound kind of fake. Close... reeeal close, but not as close as the ddrums. I think the TD-10 would actually be more fun, but I want good raw sounds that stand up, out of the box, with no EQ or FX - I have a studio setup which can do a better job, and I don't need the sequencer, but it's a cool bonus.

                I think the Roland modules are great for people who want a good, "produced" sound without having to tweak outside of the box, but I'm skeptical of the sounds, especially raw.


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                  Huh. So you have to go and further confuse the issue Chris? Just kidding - great ideas there. Thanks for the info.


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                    If I'm not mistaken, your Akai(S5K) uses 20 bit D/A's? (I have/am using the Akai (S6K) studio, so correct me if I'm wrong.) Apparently your 5080 uses 24 bit D/A's. I've heard you sing the praises of your 5080 a couple of times now, and my curiosity is peaked. Is it really THAT much sonically superior to your S5K at 20, as you seem to be saying? O.K. you already said you think it is, so do you really think it is in the conversion or maybe something else?

                    I can barely imagine better results than what I'm getting with my (6K), and I don't know that I'd run out and buy the Roland module unless it sounded a helluva lot better, (and I have never even had an Akai S5000 to compare the S6000 to), but I am truly curious as to whether the S5000 is maybe not that good, or if the 5080 is just that great. If the latter, why? ...and I'll make it a point to try and find one to listen to.


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                      Originally posted by feefer:
                      Why the diff? The ddrum and Vdrum systems technology are really becoming quite dated in many ways.
                      Can be. But do you hear the 24 bit DAC outputs live on stage? I don't. The only thing that counts on stage is realism of sound, proper dynamics and a system which is very durable. The ..... is


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                        Originally posted by ccash:
                        I just wanna know if anyone is using a ddrum4 module with Roland V-pads with success. This is the combo of sounds and feel I want. Someone has to have tried this.
                        I tried this and according to another post in this topic you've already read what I said about it?
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                          MPC - are you talking about your reply on the ddrum forum where you said your drum teacher brought his PD120 over? Or was it another post? Do you remember the topic? I just a search here with "ddrum" and username MPCman. 50 results. Read about 10 and now I'm going to be late for work!

                          [This message has been edited by ccash (edited August 24, 2001).]


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                            I'm curious--does anyone have a simple answer for this guy's topic?

                            I plan on trying different modules w/ my V's, too.


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                              Originally posted by Omegatopher:
                              I'm curious--does anyone have a simple answer for this guy's topic?
                              Ha Ha Ha! That was a joke, right?