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Waiting for Td-6k..

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  • Waiting for Td-6k..

    I,m sitting here waiting for my to Td6s to arrive, and in the meantime I was thinking if anybody out there who`s been useing theirs for a couple of months could give me some feedback/tips for a newbie. Myself I stopped playing(acoustic) 9-10 years ago(kids,family etc,)but I walked by the music store two days ago, and came out with this! I`m planning to do some recording at home on the Mac, practice, and maybe call up the old bandmembers to do some playing together again for fun! So anybody out there who has been playing Td6k for a while, what do you think?Are you still happy with your purchase? Any advice? Thanks.

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    I've had mine since June. So far so good. I think that for the money paid ($1300 in my case) I got the best package.

    Coming from acoustic drums, adjusting to the rubber pads was interesting. After two days of numbness, I loosened up a bit and haven't had a problem since. Though this has been a clear lesson in waht has gone wrong in my technique over the years... :-)

    I find the pads themselves to be VERY responsive, with the exception of cymbal chokes. To my ears, they cut off an instant later than they should to sound natural, but at least they CAN be choked.

    No problems with the rack, but I'm not hauling these around or anything either...
    It would be nice if the clamps were hinged, though.

    Soundwise, I'm pleased. Since my crashes are dual trigger, I have the edges set to effects cymbals and the bows set to my crashes. I'm using a PD6 for my ride with one of the X samples, which gives me a bell from the mono pad when I need it. For toms, I like the Balsa. They sound the most natural to me. The hihats generally are a bit weak, but the Lites work for me at the moment (this is probably the setting I change the most). Don't remember my snare at the moment, but there are only one or two that sound natural when rolling. I like the electronic toms, too (very simmons).

    For practicing it is nice. It sounds better at high volumes, as many nuances aren't apparent in (my) headphones at lower settings. You also might want to jack up the gain a bit in the EQ settings to strengthen your cymbals.

    For recording, I am running a cable from my mono out to the line-in on my soundblaster live, and using Protools Free to do the job. The price is right, and it is available for Mac, too.

    DTX950, UX8, Logic


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      Nate, Thank you very much for your reply. That was very much the info I was looking for, and it`s nice to hear that you are happy with your kit. And you`r a lucky man Nate, I had to pay 1600USD for my kit!!(aah it`s only money!) Thanks again!