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TD-M8 Preview

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  • TD-M8 Preview

    For the last 2 weeks I've been working on TD-M8. It's a Windows 9x tool (might not work under Windows NT or 2000) that will give you complete control over the TD8. Ehhh... well once it's finished, that is!

    The basics are more or less ready and eventhough it is *far* from complete, I wanted to get some feedback. It is still a very simple and possibly buggy program. It might not even run, since I haven't been able to test it on any other computer than my onw. Use it at your own risk!

    The most recent version of Midi-OX has to be installed before using TD-M8. You can download both from:


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    Am i the only one who tried it?
    Great Application (a little bit bugy)!!!!!
    Roy A.


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      Thank you for trying TD-M8! Actually, you were not the only one who tried it. Harlock also did, but he had (unrelated) problems with his soundcard. My web page got some visitors, but no other responses so far.

      Do you have the time to answer some questions?

      * Did the program run with errors, crashes, lockups?
      * Were you able to read information from your TD8?
      * Were you successful in editing values?
      * Did you save them back to the TD8?
      * Do you have any suggestions/remarks about the functionality or user interface?



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        Hi Pleiadian
        The application works fine for me.
        i can read-wirte to-from my module.
        sometimes the app crashes when i try to change a value (Setup / Head Tension Adj for ex).
        otherwise it works fine.
        i would like to be able to export a kit to file, and to load a kit from a file.
        i think it would be a great way to share our kits over here....
        Thanks again
        Roy A.


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          Hi Roy,

          Saving settings to a file that can be exchanged with other users is the next step for TD-M8. And it will be possible to load a kit to any kit number.

          I think I have traced the problem that caused it to crash, so thanks for testing!



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            Did anyone post any TD-M8 kits to download or have any good ones they would send me?

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            I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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              Originally posted by clymore:
              Did anyone post any TD-M8 kits to download or have any good ones they would send me?

              Hmmm... I should set up some webspace to share files. Can anybody recommend?


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                Thanks Harlock, I forgot about The TDi. Good site.

                Of course, you can use the .syx files with TD-M8

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