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Newbie alert: Anything I should know before I zap something?

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  • Newbie alert: Anything I should know before I zap something?

    I'm a proud day-old owner of a TD-8 based Pintech/Vdrums kit. I was wondering if there's anything I should know regarding calibration, wiring, etc., before I set everything up, flip the switch, hear a "Bzzz" and see smoke from the drums or the TD8. Any help/advice to a newbie besides rob a bank and buy more modules is much appreciated.

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    Yes, don't eat the yellow snow.

    Just kidding, of course. Simply follow the manual's instructions for setting up, and you'll get started pretty quickly. This should hold you over for a while, until other questions arise, and that's when we step in to help

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      Just in case you hear a Bzzzz, ground your gear first and foremost. Sometimes that can account for a noise factor that might mislead you in thinking the module is noisy.



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        Thanks guys. I try to learn things mostly on my own, supposedly the "only" real way I guess, so I'll try to hold off on the 1,000 questions. But I have a question regarding the KD120 kickpad and the TD-8. In the manual that comes with the KD-120 kickpad they say the TD120 must be set a certain way when you first hook it up and choose pad type and the threshold, etc., settings. This is when you have a TD-10 module. Now, the weird thing is the manual mentions every other Roland module EXCEPT the TD8. Since they say to do this for the TD10 I was wondering if this needs to be done for the TD8 as well since the modules are similar? Cheers!


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          I'm gonna take an educated guess and say the TD-8 and TD-10 expanded versions already have the KD-120 trigger settings to choose from. You don't need to tweak them. The older model brains were out before the KD-120 was on the market. You can use them but the settings need to be tweaked. See Chapter 7 of the TD-10 manual.

          (The original TD-10 did not have these trigger settings. The exp card added them.)
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