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O.K....4000+ lighter...now what?!

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  • O.K....4000+ lighter...now what?!

    A guy really has to wade through a ton of crap ( Till I found this place ) to get any decent info on V drums...
    I was starting to feel a bit isolated so it's comforting to see others who share like interest.
    Anyway;I bought the things (Concert set)and the PM3 for home practice,now what?!?!

    Really? What to expect out of the box..Any help would be great.
    Kindest Regards,

    Note:neglected to mention that these won't be in my hands for about a week...the wait is killing me!

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    RYLO...your post looks like my first; yikes. My best advice is to spend alot of time with the manual, sitting on your drum throne, and experiment with settings. The manual can be a little daunting if not outright vague at times. That is where this site is helpful...explaining the stuff the manual either ignores or is less than clear.

    My experience with this site is that it is populated with some very good spirited guys who will go out of their way to help out or to share a discovery. There is not alot of patience with newbies (like I was when I first joined in) asking obvious questions that are in the manual. Makes sense if you think about it...can't say I blame them.

    So, tune in often for new topics posted and use the search function...it is a powerful tool which has led me to much of what was puzzling me. Good luck...and welcome to the club.



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      Welcome to our merry little club!
      I hope you'll enjoy your V's, we certainly all do.. well, except for Rob van Putten, he switched to the big red Swede.

      I'd suggest you read through this site, ingest everything you can, it'll help pass the time before your Vs come, and you'll end up with quite a bit of knowledge and expertise from other players, invaluable in my book.

      Have fun, this week will be the longest of your life!

      "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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        Sorry, I couldn't resist.

        Welcome aboard, and consider my little smartass remark part of the hazing .....

        TD-30 / SPD-SX


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          Thanks Guys...I'm humbled by my newbie status
          ( To say the least ) at this point.
          I'm kinda just walking around the house with a photo of the kit in my hand,*sighing* ever few minutes.
          My kids of course find this amusing...What a hellish wait.

          Note: I'm guessing this will be an amusing question that I hope I don't get fried for.
          Uh..MP3 files?!? How do I play them on my computer? What will I need?

          Thanks again.

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            If you have a PC, Winamp. If you have a Mac, iTools. Download 'em, install 'em, and have fun. Simple.

            "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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              Thanks...All set!