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Announcing the Keene Music Festival..

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  • Announcing the Keene Music Festival..

    I really don't know if anyone here aside from Acidbran is from the New England area, but in the event that anyone is, or will be there on Saturday Aug. 25th, there is an all day music festival in Keene, New Hampshire consisting of some 50+ bands on 3 stages for the entire day. It's free, and should be a pretty good time. If anyone wants any more info, let me know.. The reason I'm plugging the event is because I'll be playing in a couple of bands towards the end of the day on the rock stage (btw, it's a sort of "multi-genre" event.. 3 stages, each with a different theme/volume level).. So yeah, if anyone wants any more info, let me know and I'll do what I can..


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    Alas, I will be in Boston playing and will miss the event, however two of my students are playing in the show.
    Loathing Mateo, and some other band I can't remember.

    It's about time Keene is back to music.
    I now have a standing sunday and monday gig in town, way cool.
    The original Gig Pig.