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Sonic Foundry Acid Pro

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  • Sonic Foundry Acid Pro

    Newbie question:
    Has anyone used this type or any type of software to create your own loops?I did a search on Acid Pro and nothing. Or do most guys use a sampler.

    I am a newbie to E drums,samplers,sequencers etc. I have alot to learn.


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    I use Acid Pro to mix tracks (guitar, drums, voice, etc.), but that's about it. To be honest, I'm not sure I even know what a loop is.

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      I am using acid pro to record a CD with a few musician friends. I'm using some Acid drum loops for basic song writing and then slowly replacing them with drum tracks.
      as far as making a loop I just plug my kit into my PC hit record and jam. then I trim before & after and save.

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        Most cats use Sound Forge to make loops. You can get the lite version free a lot of times when you buy Acid or Vegas. Works fine except you can't use 24 bit files w/ the lite ver.

        Tip: Make sure you get really precise when cutting a loop or it won't sync properly.



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          I use ReCycle for loops, Reason and ProTools for recording/mixing, and T-Racks for mastering. All loops go into my Akais for live playing, or my E4 Platinum for studio use.
          I personally never liked Acid Pro, I think it must be the user interface that kind of got on my nerves.

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